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Dobson Technologies provides wholesale options to a variety of carrier types needing secure, point-to-point data transmission over our state-of-the-art fiber optic network.

As your vendor and partner, Dobson Technologies brings you reliable, scalable network solutions so you can grow your business and extend your services to the rural consumer market.

With over 3,700 miles of fiber throughout Oklahoma and Texas, Dobson Technologies provides a wide range of fiber transport services that enable and enhance broadband connectivity. Whether you are an independent phone company, wireless carrier, ISP, or cable company, we have a solution for you.

Ethernet Delivery

With Ethernet Service from Dobson Technologies, your business has the ability to access a secure, reliable network.

You can connect multiple locations and/or subscribers to a larger service network or the Internet, giving you the ability to maximize connectivity while minimizing costs.

Dobson Ethernet Service is safe, redundant, and cost-effective. Our service provides your business the bandwidth it needs to support voice, data, and multimedia over a single fiber optic network. In addition, Dobson Ethernet enables server consolidation, access to hosted services such as data storage and backup, and supports VoIP technology.

Managed Wavelengths

Managed Wavelengths from Dobson Technologies offers carriers and customers the flexibility and dependability of a managed network.

A cost-effective alternative to building, lighting, and managing Dark Fiber for organizations with massive data transport needs.  Our Managed Wavelength product offers customers the flexibility of provisioning multiple wavelengths between sites.

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