What is VoIP? Here is a Hint: Voice over Internet Protocol

What is VoIP? Here is a Hint: Voice over Internet Protocol


The first question that consumers often have about VoIP telephone systems has to do with that confusing acronym.  What does VoIP actually mean?

“VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol,” Kerry Graves, Vice President of Sales for Transport and Telecom Solutions, says. “It is basically a category of hardware and software that enables businesses to use the Internet to process telephone calls.  It is an alternative to traditional phone service.”

While VoIP calling has been marketed for at least a decade, its benefits remain a mystery to many business owners.  VoIP allows businesses to put their voice and data needs over a single network which enables high-quality, high-clarity, integrated communications.  Plus, businesses do not have to invest in or maintain a phone switch.

“Using any broadband connection (Internet access) you can plug in a typical VoIP telephone and get dial tone,” Graves went on to say. “It also allows businesses to make changes to numbers or add phones easily and efficiently. VoIP is multi-functional and enables the user to integrate software programs such as voicemail to email, fax to email and remote conferencing over the Internet.”

Despite the advantages, companies still have concerns about the security and reliability of VoIP technology.  VoIP is often dependent upon internet speeds and connectivity.  “Not to worry,” says Graves, “in the event of lost connectivity, calls can be automatically forwarded to other numbers, typically a mobile phone that isn’t reliant on an internet connection, which ensures incoming phone calls are not interrupted.”  From a security standpoint, VoIP introduces a different set of security issues because it is software based.  These issues can be mitigated when the proper security measures are established.

As a provider of telephone service in Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle for almost 80 years, Dobson has embraced and mastered new technologies such as VoIP. The professionals at Dobson Technologies are experts at setting up and maintaining networks that unite voice and data communications for Dobson customers.

“Dobson Technologies continues to evolve to serve our customers with best of breed technologies,” Graves said. “The multi-million dollar investment in Dobson’s state-of-the-art fiber network is an example of the commitment the company has in staying ahead of the curve and on the leading edge of technology.”

Dobson Technologies’ Telecom solution offers Oklahoma businesses a simple, modern and cost-effective phone management system.  We manage your phone system in the cloud so you don’t have to invest in or maintain any equipment or hire additional IT staff. Send us a message for more information on VoIP.

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