A diagram explaining SD-WAN

What is SD-WAN? An Easy Guide

SD-WAN is a new service that allows companies to replace expensive WAN technologies and reduce costs by relying on software instead of hardware to manage network traffic. 

What is SD-WAN technology?

SD-WAN stands for software-defined wide area network, meaning that your network can be application-driven and cloud-ready at all times. SD-WAN products are physically or virtually in place, allowing your company, whether small or large, remote or with multiple branches, to be connected through a reliable, secure network. If cloud-based, SD-WAN allows for advanced features like cutting-edge security and smooth cloud support for mobile users as well.

As bandwidth demands increase, applications and networks will continue to move into the cloud, making security a bigger issue than before. With SD-WAN, your network architecture is modernized with increased security and efficiency for your business. 

A diagram explaining SD-WANBenefits of SD-WAN technology over legacy WAN


  • Is more cost-effective: You can utilize commercially available Internet access instead of an expensive private connection.
  • Is more efficient: This technology allows data to be routed over the strongest connection whenever needed. 
  • Provides control: You prioritize what moves data first, such as allowing video conferencing and VoIP to come before data like social media.
  • Provides flexibility: The technology can be controlled from any offsite location and can be set up quickly.  
  • Allows for enhanced application and performance visibility

A pie chart shows the benefits of SD-WANBenefits of SD-WAN from Dobson Technologies

Current WAN architecture is static, but as applications head to the cloud, networks must follow. Competitors may require additional hardware or software licenses to make it all work, but Dobson doesn’t.  Dobson provides everything you need in one package. We will connect you over our own Fiber network or provide secure connections wherever you need them. Other companies may provide only pieces of the solution you need, increasing the cost and hassle for you.