We’ve Moved to a New Corporate Office!

Dobson Technologies is excited to announce that we have moved to a new corporate office!  The new location is just around the corner from our previous office and is now located at 14101 Wireless Way, Ste 300 in Oklahoma City, OK. If the address sounds familiar, you are not mistaken. The building was the former headquarters of Dobson Communications, which was acquired by AT&T in 2007.  Today, Dobson Technologies serves Oklahoma businesses with Managed IT Solutions, Telecom Solutions and delivers Data Transport Solutions via our 2,700-mile, state-wide fiber optic network.

Our new space better accommodates our employees, growth efforts and enables us to continually provide exceptional customer service to our clients.  While our address has changed, our phone numbers have remained the same.

Needless to say, we are excited to be back at our old stomping grounds! As we enter into our 80th year in business, our goal is to continually serve and connect Oklahomans with the latest technologies and provide professional, experienced customer support for years to come.

14101 Wireless Way Ste. 300
Oklahoma City, OK  73134
(405) 242-1000