Transport Solutions

Your Challenge

Voice and data communications are the central nervous system of your business. As your business grows, you need increased speed and connectivity to better meet customer needs. Faster data access is vital to reach and respond to your customers.

Dobson’s Solution

Dobson Technologies’ Fiber Optic Transport Solutions provide you with a clear line of communication, connecting all the elements of your business—and connecting you with your customers.

What is fiber optics? Fiber optic technology is the information superhighway of the future. Voice and data communications are transferred from point to point by sending pulses of light through an underground optical fiber network. Because of the increased bandwidth fiber provides, data is transmitted faster, safer and with virtually no interruptions.

With 3,000 miles of fiber throughout Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle, Dobson Technologies can bring businesses, wireless operators and wholesale providers the latest technologies and the bandwidth needed to stay connected, regardless of geographic location. We consolidate all of your communications over a secure, dedicated internet connection, so there are no worries about traffic slowdowns or time lags.

Whether you are a business needing a faster network connection, a wireless provider looking to provide 4G services or a re-seller needing access to a fiber optic network connection, we have a solution for you.

Map illustrating Dobson Technology fiber route and pop sites throughout Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle