The Greatest Peace of Mind Comes with Outsourced IT

outsourced ITOutsourced IT offers huge advantages to companies, and one of the key benefits is the peace of mind it brings. After all, outsourcing isn’t just about saving on costs. It’s also about knowing your entire IT needs are in the hands of professionals who can correct any problem, protect your network from intruders, implement all the necessary network patches, and grow your network through the cloud. That’s why business owners who outsource IT are in a better position to focus on the core areas of their business that deliver value to grow over the long-term.

Save Time Through Outsourced IT

One of the key reasons businesses choose outsourced IT is that it saves time. Issues with a company’s network can eat into your schedule, forcing you to come up with solutions that take time away from more pressing concerns. An outsourced provider with a 24/7 help desk service lets you spend less time dealing with network downtime and more time using your network to generate revenue for your business.

You’ll also no longer have to spend time strategizing about where to add server capacity on-site, what cloud software you should invest in, or where you’re going to get the money to invest in a disaster-recovery plan.

Reduce Stress in the Hiring Process

Companies also waste a huge amount of time onboarding new talent. There are human resource costs, employee contracts and often high wages to pay out. Even after all that, you may be unsatisfied with a hire and have to start again with a new recruitment drive.

There’s also the learning curve that comes with training, which means you have to ensure that your IT staff understands your management style and company objectives. With outsourced IT, your outsourcing provider already has the trained staff necessary to ensure your company has the talent needed to manage your network all year-long.

Fewer Financial Headaches and Less-Complicated Financial Reporting

A bonus is that IT outsourcing also helps you save time with financial reporting. Many companies rely on capital from investors for continued growth, and investors like to see business owners employing cost-cutting strategies.

In fact, a Computing Technology Industry Association poll of 400 IT professionals found that 46 percent of respondents relied on outsourced managed service providers for their IT needs. Those who used outsourced IT reduced their annual IT budgets by an average of 25 percent, and 13 percent even experienced an amazing 50 percent reduction in IT costs!

This is why managed IT can be so helpful. Instead of justifying your cost for every individual application, computer and network storage investment, you’re able to point to the fact that you have an external IT professional you pay for all those services at a fixed and predictable price. That leaves you with less stress, more investor interest and less on your plate when it comes to drawing up financial reports.

Focus on Your Core Competencies

According to a survey from Business Solution Magazine, 50 percent of companies are utilizing managed IT outsourcing services, which underlines the key role that outsourcing now plays in the business world. The reason companies are increasingly turning to outsourced IT is that it offers a serious competitive advantage over internal IT teams.

One of the key advantages is rooted in the idea of core competencies. A core competency is what your business excels in. It’s where your business offers a unique value proposition to your customers, and often involves skills and services that are difficult to replicate elsewhere. For almost all businesses, this is what the majority of their revenue and success is derived from. That’s why businesses are pushing to focus more on their core competencies and let other external partners handle areas like IT.

When you have an internal IT team, it’s ultimately your own responsibility to keep networks constantly updated and patched against the latest IT security threats. If your server crashes with no backup, it’s also ultimately your problem to fix. On top of all of this, you also have to manage employee relationships, including an IT team that might not mesh well with the rest of your employees or departments.

By using outsourced IT, you no longer have to worry about issues like troubleshooting employee computer issues, crashing servers and network downtime that can cost you sales. Instead, you can focus on what delivers value. Companies also appreciate the fact that the right outsourced IT team never goes home. They’re there around the clock to give your company the coverage it needs, and deserves.

Reduce Stress and Secure Your Peace of Mind

When business leaders fail to delegate non-core aspects of their business, it often leads to stress, and stress can affect business performance. This is especially true for CIOs, with a GFI Software survey indicating that 78 percent of IT administrators experienced high stress levels in 2015, a significant increase from previous years. That’s why outsourcing IT helps bring peace of mind, especially if you have an IT admin who is in over his or her head.

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