The Facts: Business Continuity Plan

The Facts: Business Continuity Plan


There are many threats to your organization’s computer data and the strategic information it contains. Fire, water, loss of power, weather disasters and the ever-present threat of a cyber attack on an organization’s computer network all present hazards to a business.

Preparation and planning for keeping business going during calamities is an area known as “business continuity.” The purpose of a business continuity plan is to minimize downtime and risk when disaster strikes.

Frank Franzese, President of IT, Transport, and Telecom Solutions, answers several questions on what you should be aware of when it comes to business continuity.


Q: What are the biggest threats to an organization’s computer network?

Franzese: The threats are all over the board, from fire to weather-related disasters to cyber attacks. A simple power outage can knock a network out. When you say “threats,” we think in terms of business continuity.  Business continuity has more to do with what you are doing to keep your business and network up and running in the event of a disaster. The point is to be prepared and to have a plan in place.  Being unprepared poses as much risk, if not more, than the actual threat itself.


Q: Is Oklahoma an area where businesses are more concerned with weather threats?

Franzese: Because of where we live, weather is continually on people’s minds particularly during this time of the year.  This probably doesn’t occur as much in other areas of the country.  As Oklahomans, we have added complexity in the scope of business continuity planning because of our weather circumstances.


Q: How does Dobson Technologies help mitigate risk to an organization’s computer network?

Franzese: We get in front of the process and assess your ability to protect your records and data. Cloud backup is certainly a business continuity strategy that is implemented quite often.  Our data centers have generator backup, so if there is a power loss your data is always protected.


Q: If I suffer a disaster and I’m a Dobson customer, how long will it be before my data is restored?

Franzese: It depends upon what product or service you have. We have one level of service that replicates your environment and restores very quickly. In other cases, we would get the data to you for you to restore.  It varies; it could be a couple of hours to a couple of days.


Q: So what’s the bottom line on business continuity?

Franzese: You don’t want to find yourself asking questions after the fact. Businesses have to think of their data as a strategic asset. Loss of data can wreak havoc on the bottom line; there are a windfall of issues that can cause a major loss of revenue.  Therefore, businesses must put more thought into the systems that run their data. Having a proactive business continuity plan just makes sense.


Dobson Technologies offers several levels of service, including Cloud Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), and Web Security.  We have 2 offsite data centers, hold several industry third-party certifications, and are regulatory compliant.

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