IT Security Assessment

How secure is your network? We’ll tell you. For free.


It’s no secret that cyber-criminals are lurking around the internet waiting to expose security vulnerabilities in your network.  Understand your risk with a free IT Security Assessment from Dobson Technologies.  Request our 5-step process and we will:

  • Assess your situational needs and requirementsWeb-security-stock
  • Scan your external network for vulnerabilities
  • Identify threats, risk levels and remediation tactics
  • Document our findings in an Executive Report
  • Schedule an on-site consultation to educate and advise

During the consultation, we will review the Executive Report which includes a summary of your vulnerabilities, their severity levels, and how to address them.  We will educate you on our findings so you have a deeper understanding of how these vulnerabilities could impact your business.  Our assessment, valued at $500, is free to you as a prospective client.*

Don’t be hacker-bait.   Request a FREE Security Assessment today. 

Fill out the form or give us a call at (405) 242-0105.

*Available for qualified companies.


Request your FREE Assessment today!*

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