A data center at Midcon Recovery Solutions

Dobson Enables Secure, Point-to-Point Circuit for MIDCON Customers

With more than 4,000 route miles of fiber in service, Dobson Technologies provides a wide range of connectivity services. From broadband internet connections to SD-WAN.  From independent phone companies to wireless carriers, ISPs, and cable companies, we support all customer types. This infrastructure made the platform to partner with MIDCON Recovery Solutions.

MIDCON Inc. is an Oklahoma-based private corporation with uniquely positioned divisions allowing each business’s strength and experience to support the growth of the others. One of several operating companies within the brand, MIDCON Recovery Solutions, specializes in data colocation which allows business owners to lease space for equipment/hardware within data centers designed to survive natural disasters. MIDCON operates three data centers equipped with 12-inch double steel-reinforced concrete bunker walls that meet FEMA Zone 4 rated and Seismic 2 rated earthquake standards.

Kurt Kraft, President of MIDCON Recovery Solutions LLC, joined MIDCON in 2006 and is a native Oklahoman who understands this region’s unique business needs. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Oklahoma State University’s School of Industrial Engineering. Kraft and his team have partnered with Dobson numerous times, joining forces to create the right solution for some of Oklahoma’s most innovative companies. A data center at Midcon Recovery Solutions

“The relationship started when Dobson became a customer of ours at our newest data center on Hertz Quail Springs Parkway in Oklahoma City,” Kraft explained. “And at the same time, we partnered with Dobson to provide fiber connectivity directly to our data center for several local companies. Probably our most successful early partnership was for a company in Southeast Oklahoma. We provided recovery solutions while Dobson provided the connectivity. This collaboration presented the perfect package and template for future opportunities.”

A vital feature Dobson enables for MIDCON is a secure, point-to-point circuit for data center customers. “Dobson establishes a point of connection at MIDCON’s data center, and then a private point of connection at the customer location,” Kraft described. “So company data never travels through the internet. It never leaves Dobson’s fiber network, keeping data more secure.”

The stellar working relationship that’s been cultivated between MIDCON and Dobson gives Kraft increased confidence when connecting his own customers through our fiber network. “I have trust in the Dobson network to be able to deliver. If I didn’t believe in the network, I wouldn’t sell it to my own customer.”

The professional relationship between the two companies doesn’t stop there. “Culturally, Dobson’s an Oklahoma-based company, and MIDCON is a firm believer in Oklahomans doing business with Oklahomans,” Kraft emphasized. “You’re not going to get that kind of culture, that kind of relationship with global carriers that don’t even have a real presence in the state anymore. With Dobson, you’re going to be dealing with the same person time after time. So there’s real stability in the relationship.”