Schlegel's Quick Lube Weatherford OK

Customer Stories: Schlegel’s Quick Lube

Schlegel’s Quick Lube in Weatherford, OK, opened its doors with a mission to provide convenient automobile services and high-quality products. They’ve been a successful business in western Oklahoma for the last five and a half years, but to keep service levels high, they needed a particular system upgrade: their internet. 

Before getting connected to the Dobson Technologies fiber network, keeping operations efficient had become a challenge. “Before Dobson, we always had to go with a wireless internet provider because no one had hard lines running out here,” explained owner Darren Schlegel. With wireless internet, it was up and down every single day. At one point, we had five technicians out in a single month.”

Schlegel's Quick Lube Weatherford OKYou might be surprised at how integral high-speed internet is to operate an auto repair shop. But in today’s world, almost every type of business needs reliable network connections.  

“Our entire business runs on the internet. We have a computer system that we use to pull up vehicles and diagnostics. Everything we have here needs good WiFi,” Schlegel said. 

In addition to quick, convenient oil changes and automotive maintenance, Schlegel’s offers full mechanic work, so keeping the system up and running is vital to their business and the lives of their customers. 

Fortunately, Dobson specializes in maximum reliability and business internet connectivity that keeps operations up and running. 

“The install was extremely easy,” Schlegel stated. “There were no fiber optics in this area before. Dobson came out and laid the line. They fired it up and haven’t had any issues since. The service has been extremely reliable.”

The next time you are in Weatherford, stop by and visit the team at Schlegel’s Quick Lube. You’ll be fascinated by how cutting edge fiber-optic connectivity can even make an oil change faster.