Network Security Concern for Your Business (Part 6): Poor IT Management

IT outsourcing companyWhen it comes to protecting against network security threats, the responsibility falls to your IT team. Unfortunately, poor IT management is often a major issue for companies, which can increase the chances of data theft, network failure and security vulnerabilities.

Keep reading to learn more about these threats and how to keep them at bay. You might also consider hiring an IT outsourcing company to help with security.

Failure to Take Care of Basic IT Security

IT management is about providing holistic protection for every element of a network, but sometimes IT teams don’t take care of the basics. Many IT teams still leave default usernames and passwords in place and fail to encourage strong passwords, even though 76 percent of corporate data breaches are tied to weak passwords.

Improper IT management also involves IT personnel neglecting to make the right software updates. Only 60 percent of firms indicate that their software is properly updated. At the same time, many IT departments fail to ensure encryption in their organization, especially for new areas, such as BYOD mobile devices, that IT may not have experience with.

Providing Access and Assigning Privileges

Poor IT management often means there is no effective balance between security and utility. The right IT team knows that vital core systems can receive maximum protection while other systems need to be flexible enough so that day-to-day business can still proceed.

IT sometimes also fails to set minimum privilege standards throughout the network. For example, your company’s secretary probably doesn’t need access to financial projections for the upcoming year or personnel files. By strictly limiting access to only what’s necessary, IT can ensure that, even if certain accounts are compromised, the damage an attacker can cause is minimal.

Failure to Monitor Access

Proper monitoring is also an issue. IT teams often fail to properly monitor their networks. For example, Target suffered a hack that resulted in 70 million customers having their personal data stolen and cost the company $1 billion.

Once the hackers stole administrator privileges from Target’s system, they knew their access would disappear if the administrator changed the password. As a result, the attackers created a new administrator account on the network that they had complete control over. If IT had been properly managing their network, they would have seen this suspicious new account and stopped the hack in its tracks.

That’s just one example of why proper IT management requires constant vigilance. That means logging all attacks in a network and scouring the network for any suspicious changes that can compromise security.

How To Overcome Poor IT Management – Hire IT Outsourcing Company

Many companies are dealing with internal IT management teams that are not only very expensive, but also lacking the experience necessary to truly protect a network.

That’s why smart companies are working with an experienced third-party IT outsourcing company like Dobson Technologies. A company like Dobson can help you avoid major IT security issues by examining every weak point in a network, running routine audits and building action plans to deal with any threat. All too often, IT teams simply have no strategy. With best practices in place through Dobson, you’ll ensure security patches, proper encryption, strong passwords and proper privilege settings are all a part of a complete IT management strategy.

Dobson Technologies allows your company to focus on what generates value instead of the security and management of your network. Furthermore, Dobson delivers 24-hour protection, which means your network is always secure from threats, no matter what time of day it is.

If you’re looking for managed IT outsourcing company (Oklahoma City), contact Dobson Technologies today for proactively managed IT services that will keep your company secure.  Send us a message or call us at (405) 242-0171 to schedule a meeting today.