IT Issues are Virtually Non-Existent for PARCway with Dobson Technologies’ Managed IT Solution

PARCway Post-Acute Recovery Center is an Oklahoma City-based skilled nursing facility that serves up to 75 patients at any one time.  They employ 160 people and are located in a 1960s-era building that once served as a long-term care facility.  The building was renovated to serve PARCway.  Melissa Wakely is Director of Operations.


When PARCway opened its short-term rehab center in an older building in Northwest Oklahoma City, they immediately discovered that old wiring throughout the facility made Information Technology management difficult, at best. Before connecting with Dobson Technologies, PARCway tried and failed to solve technology issues with several strategies that included ad hoc IT professionals and two technology companies that were hired to deliver a solution. “We were having a lot of Internet connectivity issues.  We decided to go with a company that specializes in technology to put in a server. We installed a new EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system in 2009 that was Web-based and we still had a lot of technical issues.  We went with another company after we fired that company, which was then taken over by somebody else. At that point, I was having a hard time getting anybody to come out and help us when we were having IT problems.”  — Melissa Wakely, Director of Operations.


Dobson began providing managed IT services to PARCway in February 2014.  Dobson did an overall assessment of PARCway’s facility and added wireless access points throughout to help solve connectivity problems in an all-concrete building with cinderblock walls.


Since Dobson took over management of PARCway’s IT operations, IT issues have been virtually non-existent. And when issues do arise, Dobson’s team of professionals quickly tackles them to prevent downtime and frustration.


“My life has been a million times easier. I do not get calls in the middle of the night because the Internet has gone down.  I don’t get calls because someone’s computer is not syncing up to the Internet.  I don’t get pulled 100 different directions during the day because of hardware issues. Dobson is there to handle a lot of that for me.” “Dobson has made a huge difference. One of the main things that they have provided is customer service. They are johnny-on-the-spot.  They make us feel important, no matter what. They take your problems seriously even if they are the smallest problem there is. Their customer service is fantastic.” “They did an assessment of our building and were honest with me.  They told me what we truly needed and what we didn’t need and did not try to sell me something that wouldn’t help us.” “I think the main thing anybody should know is that Dobson’s customer service is fantastic, and they believe in their product and they believe in their customers.  They are honest and a great group to work with. I have so much appreciation for them.”

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