Outsource IT vs. Hiring an IT Pro

Most small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) require some form of IT support to ensure business success. The demand to drive down costs through IT, increase company productivity and implement the latest IT solutions is driving this trend.

However, the important question as a business owner is to determine whether you need to outsource IT support or hire an IT pro to be on staff. Here is more information about how to make that determination.

Pros of an In-House IT Pro:

There are a number of advantages to an in-house IT pro, including the following:

1. Control

With an in-house IT pro, you have complete control over projects, quality and the exact person you’re hiring. It also gives you a chance to build a relationship with an individual that can grow over the long term.

2. Traditional Approach

Companies that prefer the traditional approach over change also find a certain element of security when working with an in-house IT pro. It’s what they know and what they’re used to.

Cons of an In-House IT Pro

Here are some of the main cons of an IT pro:

1. Costlier

In-house IT staff often features higher cost considerations that you need to carefully weigh. On top of the base salary of an IT pro, there are other costly benefits, like health insurance and vacation pay. Furthermore, you also have to account for recruiting time and costs, especially if your IT pro leaves your staff at some point.

2. No Economy of Scale

Larger businesses are usually the only ones who benefit from an IT pro. For example, for a business with just a few employees, it doesn’t make sense to hire a full-time IT pro since there’s simply not enough budget money or business activity to justify that kind of investment. For companies with a large number of employees however, it sometimes makes perfect sense to have someone on staff who can guide your IT strategy, even if you outsource some IT functions.

3. Technological Limitations

An IT pro may have a deep understanding of technology, but they lack the ability of a large team that specializes in IT across the industry, such as those featured with managed IT service providers.

Pros Of Outsourced IT

Outsourcing IT appears to be the dominant trend for small- and medium-sized businesses. In fact, in 2014, a study found that only 30 percent of firms were running part or all of their IT with a managed services provider. However, 2015 saw that number explode higher, with two-thirds of firms reporting that they have switched to a managed service provider. Here are some of the reasons businesses are increasingly choosing this option.

1. Cost Considerations

Many people choose to outsource their IT simply because it’s more cost effective. Not only do you pay less for IT services, but you often have access to the expertise of multiple employees from a managed IT service team for a fraction of the cost.

By staying on top of the latest technological advances, Dobson can actually help you save money with cloud service implementation. For example, data from one study showed that 70 percent of businesses reported reinvesting money as a result of moving to the cloud.

2. 24/7/365 Service

Not all managed IT providers offer service every day of the week. However, the ones that do can make a huge difference for your business. In-house IT pros take vacations, aren’t available on the weekends and might sleep through a network disaster that strikes at midnight.

With an IT outsourcing company like Dobson Technologies, you have around-the-clock support that helps ensure that your business immediately responds to any troubleshooting problem, downtime or data loss.

3. Quickly Scale Up Your Business

Outsourcing IT also helps you scale much faster than an in-house IT pro. If your business is growing and you want to add new services or take on more employees, it often means that you need to expand your IT staff, which takes times and money.

When working with an outsourced IT provider like Dobson, you can scale up or down as much as you. Managed IT providers have the staff necessary to quickly allocate resources and manpower to a company that is growing quickly.

Cons of Outsourced IT

Here are some common disadvantages seen with IT outsourcing and how Dobson Technologies actually offers the solutions to many of these problems.

1. Fixed Cost Considerations

Another common disadvantage with outsourcing is the lack of fixed costs. Many outsourcing companies can also bill you for services you don’t need.

Dobson Technologies is one managed IT service provider that has overcome these challenges with transparent fixed pricing. This helps companies understand their costs from month to month and receive only the services they need to grow and protect their business.

2. Shared Business Culture and Language

Many companies rightly express concern about outsourcing to a company that lacks a shared business culture and language.

Despite these concerns, Dobson is not the type of outsourcing company you might imagine. Their expert IT services are based in the United States and feature a work culture that business partners understand and trust.

3. Lack of In-House Support

Many IT services provide no in-house support. However, managed, outsource IT resources like Dobson Technologies, which is based out of Oklahoma City, also helps ensure in-house support for local clients when they need it on top of remote support capabilities. In short, you obtain the best of both worlds.