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IT Security Advantages & Benefits

  • 24/7/365 Proactive Protection – Our solution stops hackers, viruses, spyware, malware and more before they reach your servers, desktops and mobile devices.
  • Increased Up-time – Proactive web filtering, firewalls, and spam & email protection significantly improves up-time of your workstations and network, providing a safe and clean digital work environment.
  • Increased Productivity – Employees can focus on their jobs by eliminating the distraction of inappropriate websites or sifting through spam and junk email.
  • Regulatory Compliant – Ensures compliance with regulatory mandates like FRCP and HIPAA.
  • Brand Protection – Protects your intellectual property – and your business – against legal and financial repercussions.
  • Predictable Costs – Our IT Security services are included in our flat-rate Managed IT solution.

Powerful web & email protection for your business.

The threats are real.  Cyber-attackers are always looking for easy targets to expose sensitive data and wreak havoc on networks…and small and medium-sized businesses are easy targets. That’s why your business needs Dobson – so we can put the proper protections in place. With our Managed IT solution, we implement web filtering, firewalls, and spam & email protection for your business. In other words, we help keep the bad guys out so you have peace of mind that your network, users, customers and business are protected.

Web Filtering & Firewall Protection

Proactive content control and malware protection.

The Internet is often mission-critical to your business. Unfortunately, malicious websites, spyware, and viruses are threats to your security and they cannot be ignored. By proactively managing your organization’s Internet traffic, Dobson can create a customized solution that protects your users and network from these threats.

Our proactive web security solution allows you to control the content your employees access.  From blocking social networking to preventing access to porn sites, you can control the level of what your employees can do on the Internet. In addition, we implement security applications that prevent viruses, spyware and other malware that can be embedded into legitimate websites. We protect your network from malicious online attacks and control bandwidth usage.

Key Features
  • URL Filtering – Our solution filters website URLs into 53 predefined categories such as social media, news, pornography, gambling, etc. The system contains over 500 million website addresses sorted into these categories.
  • Malware & Phishing Protection – Protects you network, users and data by blocking viruses, phishing scams, compromised websites, spam, botnets, spyware, malicious websites and more.
  • Flexible Policy Creation – Create and manage your own policy to protect users, including white and black lists of URL’s and domains.
  • Policy Exceptions – Create exceptions for defined users so they can bypass a policy rule. Can be created for single or multiple users, controlled by day and/or time.
  • Reporting – Access a full suite of predefined reports on user or group activity. Real time browsing can also be viewed.

Spam & Email Virus Protection

Prevent spam and junk mail with email content control.

Email is a critical tool in your business – it drives productivity, efficiency and cost savings. However, email is often inundated with unsolicited emails, advertisements, and other offensive content that can contain significant threats. These threats can destroy your network and incur serious legal and financial repercussions for your business.

Dobson’s email security solution protects your business, employees and clients by managing your email traffic and regulating what your employees receive by blocking spam email, viruses and malware. We filter and quarantine dangerous and inappropriate content from entering your network. We proactively protect your communications from phishing scams, denial of service attacks, and more, keeping your intellectual property safe, secure and regulatory compliant.

Key Features
  • Spam Filtering – Stops 99.7% of spam email from reaching your users through multi-layered spam analysis including: real time blacklists, websites detected in unsolicited emails, sender policy frameworks and more. Protects against unsolicited email while ensuring accessibility to genuine email.
  • Virus & Malware Blocking – Double anti-virus protection that blocks viruses and malware trying to get into your network via email.
  • White/Blacklist Management – Choose to allow or always block mail from a particular email address.
  • Recipient Verification – Validates email addresses against the mail server and rejects fake emails and spam.
  • Outbound Scanning – Blocks email and spam being sent out from your organization, preventing you IP’s from being blacklisted as a spammer.
  • Authentication – Control the authentication method used when a user attempts to login to each domain. Ensures that users won’t have to remember multiple passwords.
  • Reporting – Quarantine reports are sent to users at a specified date and time. Contains a list of emails not delivered to user because the potentially contain spam or viruses.  End users can deliver, whitelist or delete emails in the report.

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