The meaning of “Managed IT Services”

The meaning of “Managed IT Services”


Put 10 people in a room and ask them the meaning of “managed IT services,” and you are likely to receive 10 different answers. Frank Franzese, President of Information Technology, Transport and Telecom Solutions, clarifies the meaning and benefits of Managed IT Services.

Question: What are managed IT services?

Franzese: The way we define managed IT services is synonymous with outsourced IT. To be more specific, it is effectively taking operational IT tasks and duties and putting them in the hands of a third-party expert.

Q: What is the difference between break/fix and managed IT?

Franzese: There are two different models in managed IT services. One model is when your technology breaks, you call someone to come onsite and fix the issue at an hourly rate. Essentially this means that for a company to profit from providing break/fix services, your technology has to break. This is a reactive approach. Compare that to our model, which is turnkey. You hand us the keys and we manage your IT. If anything goes wrong you call us — it’s our problem. We are your helpdesk, similar to what you would see in an enterprise-level business environment. Your technology is proactively managed by us; you are not paying us to come and fix something after it breaks. You are paying us to manage all of your IT, or some portion of it.

Q: What advantages are there to a company that uses Dobson to manage its information technology or computer network?

Franzese: There are several advantages. The benefits far outweigh any disadvantages. These include complete access to a department of technical experts, with a just-in-time supply of resources. You have adequate technical resources and do not necessarily need to increase staffing. We manage that process for you. You also get depth and expertise. We have developed an enterprise-quality IT department, which means you get an enterprise-quality organization. You are buying IT as a service, so you do not have to manage it, resource it, think about turnover or worry about hiring people with a subject matter expertise that you may not possess.

Q: What size of companies does Dobson provide managed IT services to?

Franzese: Any company is a candidate for the service because it is not always a fully-outsourced solution. It could be supplemental or fractional, where a company may want to handle their own network but needs us for desktop or help desk support. This is a situation where we manage a portion of their IT support, which typically happens in larger companies. Overall, we see clients with 10 or more employees.

Q: What else to we need to know about managed IT services from Dobson Technologies?

Franzese: I would say never rule out outsourcing your IT, because you may not fully understand where we may fit into your business model. We understand where the opportunities may be to improve operations inside a variety of businesses. We assess your unique situation to see if there is an opportunity to benefit your company by outsourcing your IT operations. We are transparent, and at the end of the day, you can be the judge of whether or not we are a fit. If it has to do with your IT, infrastructure, or computers inside your organization, you owe it to yourself to at least call us.

Dobson Technologies’ Managed IT Services solution offers Oklahoma businesses the ability to affordably leverage big-business IT resources, strategies and efficiencies. You have access to 24/7 remote and onsite support at a fixed and predictable cost. Plus, our solution is high-performance, reliable, and secure.

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