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Keeping You Connected 24/7 – A Message from Our CEO

Dear Valued Customers,

I realize we are not the first to send you a message about the changes happening in our world. I also realize you have probably had to make many changes in your home and business daily living. As a Dobson customer, I want you to know we are striving to keep you connected 24/7 during these challenging times.

Our mission has not wavered — keeping you connected with the most reliable experience as possible. That continues to be our #1 priority now, more than ever before, as this pandemic has created change in how we all work and live. We have put plans into action to ensure we continue to meet your needs and keep our employees healthy at this critical time.

We’re here.

Our network across this region helps keeps you connected, but there is an equally important network of PEOPLE behind it. They work outside on our telephone and fiber networks, and in our operations and customer service centers. They have been working tirelessly to maintain high service levels that our customers expect and deserve.

Keeping you connected.

We recently informed you of our Business Continuity Plan and have implemented this plan to keep non-essential employees working remotely from their homes. Our technical support continues to operate 24/7 to keep you connected, and our customer care group has been able to meet and in times, exceed their customer service levels.

If you need to reach us, we’re here to help. Please call 855.5.DOBSON or email customerservice@dobson.net.


Francisco Maella from Dobson's Signature




Francisco Maella
CEO, Dobson Technologies