Disaster Recovery as a Service

Dobson Technologies’ DRaaS is a backup and recovery solution built for virtual environments, allowing you to quickly recover your server infrastructure and data in the event of a disaster.

DRaaS improves business continuity by replicating all production applications from your own servers to our virtual data centers. This allows you to maintain physical control over your data at your own site, while ensuring your servers, applications, and mission-critical data are safe, secure and accessible at all times. In the event of a failure or natural disaster, Dobson Technologies allows your business to continue operating seamlessly, saving recovery time and money.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Huge Cost & Resource Savings
  • Multi-Site & Multi-Tenant
  • Array Agnostic
  • RPO & RTO of Mere Seconds
  • Deployed Quickly & Remotely
  • Granular & Comprehensive
  • Scalable, Block-Level Replication
  • Test & Validate Anytime

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