Insights on Cyber Security in 2017

Insights on Cyber Security in 2017

As artificial intelligence (AI) ramps up in development to process and articulate Big Data, the network and online presence for your business are areas of risk management to review carefully as we enter the new year.  The entrance of AI or machine learning, coupled with the lag in business awareness to vulnerabilities and law enforcement protocol for cybercrime, all create channels of risks to business continuity.  Not to mention, the digital divide between our professional lives and our personal activities erodes with every online device we add to the mix.  Although cybercriminals will adopt AI to exploit business assets, cyber security efforts will put AI to good use in proactive monitoring to thwart attacks before they happen.

When we think of cyber threats to business networks, we can group them across three main areas: cyber security, cloud security, and the Internet of Things.  In regards to cyber security, businesses will need to deepen their resources to monitor and protect their networks.  While every business needs this protection, not every business can staff an IT department.  To meet this challenge, outsourcing IT will grow this year to provide qualified network engineers who offer the expertise that cyberspace security will require. As physical and cyber security industries edge closer together, outsourcing to the experts offers solutions to cyber threats and budget restraints for small to medium-sized businesses.

In Cloud security, credentials and authentication systems continue to be the weak link in the security chain.  Hackers will target this weakness as it often provides the broadest access to business assets.  The good news is real-time auditing becomes a standard offering from IT managed services and customers will gain greater control of their business assets as a result.

The Internet of Things projects many challenges in security.  A space where everyone is a player and an open channel of risk ranging from device manufacturers to an infrastructure with unfixable vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals will have access to network control planes through stolen credentials or targeting locations where data from devices is collected, looking for that big payday.  Ransomware and other disrupting attacks are still viewed as a primary threat within this space.

Be Proactive.  Be Vigilant.  

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*Source: McAfee Labs 2017 Threat Predictions