How to Outsource I.T. for Your Business

How to Outsource I.T. for Your Business

If your business is following the current trend, someone around the age of 30 years or younger is responsible (by default) for keeping the information technology (I.T.) up and running in your business.  We get it! You need to manage the vision and strategies of your business, which does not include the day-to-day activities on your business network.

Have you considered outsourcing to an I.T. solutions expert? Outsourcing your I.T. allows you to leverage the collective expertise of certified I.T. technicians to develop and monitor your business network.

It saves time and money, while keeping your employees productive and happy. Because we all know what network downtime will do to productivity in the workplace, not to mention employee morale.

How does I.T. outsourcing work for business?

Businesses are constantly searching for ways to improve efficiency and save costs, which might explain why outsourcing is so appealing to savvy business leaders. Outsourcing I.T. has been shown to be a particularly valuable strategy for small business leaders; however, many are afraid to take that first step and outsource their network to an external provider, despite the clear benefits. It’s important to understand how outsourcing works and what you can expect from the process so you can make an informed decision that will benefit your business.

What should you expect from an I.T. solutions expert?

First, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the I.T. outsourcing process, which will provide insight into how best to address your I.T. needs. In most cases, you should expect the following:

  • Strategic Assessment – To create an effective outsourcing strategy, you need to determine what your company’s strategic position is. Are employees complaining about your I.T. network? Are you burning through capital too quickly? Does your I.T. department have the experience necessary for you to support company growth? With this information, you’ll have a full understanding of your business and where it stands in the marketplace.
  • Need Analysis – Needs analysis helps you pinpoint exactly what you need outsourcing for, for how long, and for what kind of projects. You might decide you need your entire I.T. department outsourced, or perhaps you need help with simply Cloud migration.
  • Assessing Suppliers – In this step, you analyze outsourcing suppliers and determine which one suits your needs. Do they offer the support you will need? Are they strategic in developing your business network?
  • Writing the Contract – Once you have selected a supplier, you will negotiate a contract and work out the specific details regarding the outsourcing process. These might include an agreement about the time frame of an outsourcing project, what the outsourcing third-party is responsible for and other stipulations to ensure accountability.
  • Outsourcing Implementation – The outsourcing provider needs to work with your company — including the specific departments that are tied to the project — to ensure a smooth outsourcing transition.
  • Reporting, Modification and Optimization – The outsourcing relationship should only grow in strength over time. That’s why it’s important for you to receive updates to optimize and improve operations. For it outsourcing, this might mean installing new, cloud-based web applications to improve productivity in a sales department or adding cloud server capacity to handle increased in web traffic. This final stage ultimately allows a series of “best practices” to form over time.

What you gain by outsourcing I.T.:

  • Improved business processes
  • Better cost management controls
  • Quality of service
  • Keeps pace with the competition
  • Core competency focus
  • Access to management qualities not found in I.T. departments
  • Flexibility
  • Access to specialist skills and knowledge

Different I.T. outsourcing models

There is usually no single formula that works best for all companies. Some companies pursue an outsourcing model in which an in-house team or individual works with an outsourcing provider.

The outsourcing provider handles the day-to-day operations of keeping a network running while the company contact person handles big picture issues and serves as a messenger between the outsourcing provider and the company’s management.  The goal is to find the right outsourcing model for your company. That’s why it’s best to discuss different configurations with an outsourcing provider that has a strong track record and experience in implementing I.T. outsourcing for a variety of companies.

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