Hosted PBX: 5 Reasons to Switch Your Business Phone System

Hosted PBX solutions are allowing businesses to move away from a costly on-premise communication solution towards a cost-effective cloud platform that delivers results.

Small and medium-sized businesses are especially well-positioned to benefit, allowing them to pay less for their phone and communications services, improve efficiency and easily scale as they grow.

Here are five reasons to switch your communications system today.

Save More Money with Hosted PBX

For many companies, the cost savings are reason alone to switch to a hosted PBX model.

Traditionally, a business phone system is a complex undertaking that requires expensive equipment to get right. However, with hosted PBX, you get all the benefits of these enterprise systems without the significant upfront capital investment. Hosted PBX usually involves small monthly payments, which frees up your capital to be put towards more productive uses.

With older phone systems, you have to worry about upgrading software and replacing hardware like servers, routers and more. That’s why hosted PBX can also provide you huge savings over time by helping you avoid paying maintenance costs.

You can also consolidate your phone and network costs through VoIP to reduce your bills, which might be why the enterprise VoIP market is expected to reach $35 billion by 2018. VoIP allows you to make calls using your very own network bandwidth, which means you can do away with paying separately for voice and data.

Easy Implementation of Your Hosted Phone System

Hosted PBX allows you to avoid installing expensive equipment and integrating it with your network, as well as the hassle of regularly maintaining your equipment. Instead, when you deal with an experienced PBX provider you obtain the latest communication services directly over the cloud. Hosted PBX also makes it easy to set up a telecommuting strategy for your workers, allowing them to use VoIP and advanced communications technology from nearly anywhere, whether it’s a home office or out in the field.

All the Features You Could Ever Want

In the past, you had to pay telephone companies for each additional feature you wanted to add to your communications system. With hosted PBX, you have access to faxing, speed dialing, free calls on your network, call hunting, SMS call back, voicemail, touchtone menus, conference calls, calling logs, call auditing, automated greetings, ring groups and much more. This structure ensures your business has all the features needed to handle all of your communications exactly the way you want at a set price.

Scalability For Fast Growth

Instead of purchasing new equipment or running into problems where you’ve maxed out your switch capacity, hosted PBX allows you to easily scale your company as you grow. A professional hosted PBX provider has the network capacity and services available to enable nearly unlimited room to grow your company and add affordable features when you need them.

Avoid Having Obsolete Technology

Technology is constantly evolving, which means you want to ensure you aren’t stuck with expensive equipment that will become obsolete in just a few years. With the right PBX hosting partner, you’re able to access the latest technology as it becomes available. As a result, you’ll have access to upgrades, new features and faster speeds directly through your hosted phone system’s cloud platform before your competition.

Ultimately, if you are an Oklahoma business and want a hosted PBX solution that lowers your operational costs, offers you the latest features and provides you with lightning fast VoIP for businesses, then it’s time to speak to Dobson Technologies. You can directly contact Dobson for your business’s phone system needs or call us at 405-242-0171. From there, we can ensure your small business has the phone network of a major corporation for a fraction of the price.