Finley and Cook Shawnee OK

Finley and Cook Accounting Firm Increases Productivity with Dobson Internet and Phone

For small businesses, fast internet connection can mean a big difference to the bottom line. Finley and Cook accounting firm in Shawnee saw the effects of slow connections and service disruptions with a loss in productivity. The company has 200 employees in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and remote employees across the U.S.

Jason Dickerson, IT engineer at Finley and Cook, told Dobson “We need to connect to our clients’ networks to print checks, pull reports and get data from their accounting systems.”   Dickerson went on to say “When our employees have a disruption in internet service, it’s impossible to work. No connection to our network means no work happens – that’s devastating to our bottom line.”

After researching a number of companies for reliability and speed, Finley Cook chose Dobson Technologies fiber optic internet service.

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“Since we connected to the high-speed fiber, we’ve had stable internet service. We no longer worry about disruptions in service for our clients or our productivity,” Dickerson explains.

Finley Cook’s increased internet performance led them to add Dobson Technologies phone service as well.

Finley and Cook Shawnee OK

In many instances, small and rural communities rely on unpredictable and unreliable telephone lines. VoIP, a service Dobson Technologies provides, is a modern type of telephone service that operates over digital networks, bypassing the need for traditional phone lines.

“Dobson’s VoIP and internet services have created a seamless connection between our clients and our Finley Cook offices,” Dickerson says.  “But what sold us on Dobson was definitely the customer service,” Dickerson says. “When we call Dobson, we talk to a human being every time.  It’s night and day from what we were used to with a national phone carrier.”

Satisfactory bandwidth is a big concern for rural towns and cities. According to research, more than a third of those in small communities lack the broadband speed of at least 25 megabytes per second – what economists say is a minimum for most businesses.  The increased business use of smartphones and other internet-dependent devices is fueling demand for higher bandwidth. Our effort to extend Dobson’s fiber-optic grid to smaller communities across Oklahoma means better connectivity and speed.