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Dobson Technologies Expands Fiber Optic Network in Oklahoma

We are proud to announce our recent fiber-optic network expansion throughout Oklahoma, adding new markets and expanding further into the ones we already serve. 

Within the past year, hundreds of miles of new fiber have been added in markets, which include Oklahoma City, Stigler, Clinton, and Muskogee. This is in addition to existing Dobson markets such as Tulsa, Lawton, Enid, Duncan, Durant, Altus, Woodward, Elk City, Wilburton, Poteau, Weatherford, McAlester, Shawnee, Atoka, Heavener, and other Oklahoma communities. In total, these new expansions bring Dobson’s network to approximately 4,000 route miles of fiber optic infrastructure.

“As a part of our mission at Dobson, we look for opportunities to expand high-speed fiber internet into communities and businesses along our fiber footprint across Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle,” CEO Francisco Maella said. “We strive to help businesses grow with the latest technologies, no matter if they are located in metro or rural communities.”

Dobson has been steadily growing market share by providing reliable voice and data services to businesses over our growing fiber-optic network. Fiber is the preeminent technology to deliver faster, more reliable data speeds. 

Map of Oklahoma

With these recent expansions, the number of addressable business buildings eligible for fiber-based voice and data services has grown from around 15,000 to nearly 22,000. This aggressive expansion illustrates our commitment to bringing high-speed fiber to businesses that have been historically served from legacy cable or copper infrastructures, which can often lead to slow data transmission.  

“Dobson is also the only Oklahoma-owned network operator with diverse fiber paths to Dallas. Having redundant paths offers value for businesses seeking reliable connections to cloud providers, such as Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure platforms,” said Ryan Lahmann, Dobson Technologies Senior Vice President of Sales. “Additionally, offering Service Level Agreements which guarantee service reliability, local Oklahoma support, and a customer churn rate well below 1%, customers are migrating to Dobson fiber-based voice and data services and not looking back.”

Another benefit of an all-fiber network is the ability to offer symmetrical bandwidth. Cable or copper providers’ networks are designed to offer faster download speeds than upload speeds. Until recently, that matched typical data requirements. However, the current pandemic has driven a technology shift towards remote officing and video conferencing – both of which typically require significant upload bandwidth. Our fiber-connected customers enjoy the same upload and download speeds, which increases productivity.