Hosted Voice and SIP Services

Hosted Voice and SIP Services

With DobsonUC’s Hosted Voice service, you can save money because there is no expensive hardware to buy.  In fact, we have phones with lifetime warranty available to you at no cost.  You can quickly and easily add extra lines as your business grows allowing you to pay only for what you need.  Receive VoIP call clarity with our hosted voice service.

Hosted Voice Service Features:

  • Free phones
  • Phone equipment with lifetime warranty
  • No domestic long distance fees (includes Canada and Puerto Rico)
  • Professional installation
  • 24/7/365 Support Team in Oklahoma
  • Little to no capital expenditure investment
  • Full Unified Communications Suite of Services


SIP Service Features:

  • Receive SIP/SIP using Adtran Netvanta systems
  • Receive SIP/PRI using Adtran Total Access systems
  • Our SIP call paths are typically less than most providers
  • At no additional charge, our SIP traffic transverses our secure VPN connection, DobsonDirect.  Your voice traffic is protected from the open Internet!
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