Call Recording

Call Recording

DobsonUC provides a comprehensive, compliant call recording service.  This service delivers a complete call recording solution with both flexibility and cost advantages. Whether you want to improve customer service quality or deal with regulatory and legal compliance issues, our call recording service will benefit your business.


Easy to use web interface, filters, descriptions and comment annotation provides users with tools to quickly find recorded calls.


Recorded calls are viewed and accessed via standard web browsers and media players. Any user with an internet connection and a media player can view and listen to recorded calls or calls in progress.

Cost Savings:

No hardware or software required to begin call recording.

Easy Administration:

Quickly determine what calls are to be recorded based upon origination/termination numbers, date, time and percentage of calls to be recorded.


Recorded calls required for legal, regulatory or compliance purposes can be easily transferred from the SmartRecord IP system to the user’s system individually or in batches.


Easily select extensions for recording, thus allowing the end user to control recording of sensitive extensions or information. Recorded calls are available to system users on a permissions basis as assigned by the administrator.

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