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Email communication is a big part of the daily work environment. Effective communication flow is critical between employees, vendors, and customers. Implementing best practices to ensure the safe ingress/egress of information is an important part of any computing environment.

Raymond Castor, Senior Vice President of Information Technology, discusses the subject of email best practices and how to protect your business.

Q: What is included in email best practices?

Castor: Email best practices is a combination of strong filtering technology and employee education. Implementing different measures at different layers is vital. Physically, it is important to implement the most effective email filtering technologies possible to keep harmful emails out of the business before even reaching the users inbox. Implementing anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-malware software combined with content filtering are the most effective methods to keep your network secure.

Best practices also include a great deal of effort on the users’ part. Knowing how to spot a bogus or fake email is critical to keep potentially harmful viruses out of a company’s network. Once a link is clicked, malware and spyware are often installed. And that is just the start of what could happen.

Q: What’s the biggest danger out there today facing small or medium-sized businesses?

Castor: The biggest danger is not being protected. The technology world is constantly evolving and not having a proactive IT staff or Managed Service Provider capable of implementing best practices to protect your systems poses the greatest IT risk to businesses. Having an uneducated staff on email safety brings additional danger. Proper education can save many, many hours in lost productivity.

Q: What expertise does Dobson Technologies bring to the issue of email best practices for its clients?

Castor: Our clients are protected in one of two ways with regard to email filtering. 1) Dobson will implement a process for customers that house their email server at their location what will route email traffic through the spam filtering service, or 2) If a customer decides to allow Dobson to host their email server, that spam filtering is accomplished through the appliances that Dobson manages and maintains. Either solution is being constantly updated for the latest in threat protection.

Q: If I’m a client of Dobson’s and I discover I’ve opened a potentially harmful link in an email, what’s my next step to protect the system?

Castor: Our clients are encouraged to call our technical support team immediately if they believe they are a victim of any email situation. Our technical support staff will inspect the system and provide any type of remediation required to clean and sanitize any viral or other unwanted software that may have been installed as a result of the situation.

Q: What happens if I’ve already unleashed something into my system via email?

Castor: It is still critical to contact your IT service provider immediately. The quicker your IT professional is notified, the sooner your work processes can be restored, and you and your staff can return to work. For our clients, our IT professionals will be able to remote into the email system, identify the problems that exist and begin remediating those immediately.

Q: What tips can I provide to my employees to help educate them on email safety?

Castor: There are a multitude of tips you can provide your employees that will help protect your business and them as individuals:
– Have a strong, complex password that is regularly updated.
– Do not share confidential information like credit card numbers or social security numbers.
– Never click on strange links or open attachments from an unknown sender. If you are unsure and the email looks official, hover over the link to show the URL where the link will redirect to. An unknown URL link should never, ever be clicked.
– Never enter personal or confidential information – emails requesting your password to verify your account are undoubtedly a scam.
– Never click on a link to an offer that sounds to be good to be true, because it probably is.

Email security is essential to keeping your network and business safe. Businesses risk many hours of lost productivity, data breaches, and compliance violations if they do not have the proper best practices in place. Dobson Technologies helps protect businesses against these pitfalls by implementing security measures.

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