Frequently Asked Questions

When will Dobson Technologies’ Business services be available in Weatherford?

Dobson is currently expanding our state-of-the-art network with an estimated completion in the Fall.

What does pre-sell mean?

Pre-sell means you will have the opportunity to subscribe as a Dobson Technologies customer prior to Internet service being commercially available.  During this time frame, you will be able to schedule installation of services which will be coordinated on a first-come, first-serve basis.  You may also be eligible for special promotions and discounts.

How will Dobson deliver Internet connectivity?

Dobson Technologies is building a 100% fiber-optic network throughout the city of Weatherford that will deliver connectivity in two ways:  through a shared direct fiber connection or through a dedicated direct fiber connection.

What speeds will Dobson Technologies be offering?

“Speed” is used to represent how quickly you can do activities online such as uploading, downloading or streaming.  Most Internet providers offer packages grouped by download speeds, which determine the type and quantity of applications that can be enjoyed at one time.

For example, users with download speeds of less than 5 Mbps can enjoy basic email and basic web browsing without delays or buffering.  Download speeds between 10-15 Mbps allow users to enjoy HD Internet TV, remote education services and increased download performance.  Speeds between 15-50 Mbps allow multiple users to enjoy multiple advanced applications simultaneously without delays and with improved quality.

Dobson Technologies will deliver speeds of 125 Mbps or greater which will give users ample speed and capacity to enjoy the same online activities as those in urban markets.

How much will an Internet connection cost from Dobson Technologies?

We are excited to announce our pricing plans as we believe you will find them to be competitive and valuable.   Please call us at 888-356-2707 or fill out our sign up now request form – click here.

What products will Dobson Technologies offer?

Dobson Technologies will offer a bundle package to include Voice over IP (VoIP) phone service with an Internet plan.  Subscribers can port their existing phone numbers to Dobson Technologies.

What else is Dobson Technologies doing in the community?

Our company believes in being committed to the communities we serve.  We’ve been a member of your Weatherford Chamber of Commerce and are committed to supporting activities that promote economic development and growth for the Weatherford community.

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