Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Internet services does Dobson offer?  

Residential: We continue to optimize the wireless network so that we can deliver the fastest and most reliable Internet service possible to your homes. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to our team at the local Dobson Sales & Support Center at (918) 974-1000.

Business: We have connected many business clients to our high-speed fiber network! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to our team at the local Dobson Sales & Support Center at (918) 974-1000.

What are the store hours?

Our Sales & Support Center is open Monday thru Saturday as follows:

  • Mon – Fri: 10am – 6pm
  • Sat: 10am – 3pm
  • Sun: Closed

How does Dobson delivers connectivity?

Dobson Technologies has completed a fiber-optic network throughout the town of Poteau.  In addition to the fiber optic deployment, Dobson has added several company-owned towers.  These towers are being used for the specific purpose of delivering wireless broadband to homes and businesses.

Connectivity will be delivered in two ways: 1) Through a direct fiber connection (for business use only), or 2) Through a fixed wireless connection.

  • Residential

Residential subscribers in Poteau will be served through a fixed wireless connection. Broadband connectivity will be transmitted to a receiver installed at the home via Dobson’s wireless towers.

  • Business

Businesses along Dobson’s main fiber route will be eligible to receive a direct fiber-to-the-business connection. Businesses not within this range will be eligible for our fixed wireless connection.

Is Dobson using cellular towers to deliver connectivity?

No. Dobson has built several company-owned towers that are being built for the specific purpose of delivering wireless broadband to homes and businesses.

What does “speed” actually mean to an Internet subscriber?

“Speed” represents how quickly specific activities can be done online. Most Internet providers offer packages grouped by download speeds—expressed in Megabytes per second (Mbps)—that determine the type and quantity of applications that can be enjoyed at one time. As applications get more complicated (data-heavy), more speed is required.


Download Speed     Supported Activities

< 5 Mbps                   Basic email and web browsing without delays or buffering

10-15 Mbps               Email, web browsing, occasional streaming & gaming

15-25 Mbps               HD streaming, remote education, gaming & improved downloading

25+ Mbps                  Simultaneously run multiple advanced applications without delays and with improved quality

What speeds does Dobson Technologies offer in Poteau?

Dobson Technologies will be delivering speeds up to 40 Mbps to the home and will offer several business plans starting at 20 Mbps.  These speeds provide enough capacity to enjoy the same online activities as those in urban markets. As an example, multiple users in the home can stream HDTV, download files and game online simultaneously.

As with any Internet provider, there are certain variables that can affect speed. In our case, distance, topography, home design and number of connected users can affect speeds. We invite you to visit us at our Sales & Support center to discuss the speeds available at your home or business.

What products does Dobson Technologies offer?

Dobson Technologies will offer a variety of products in addition to our Internet offering. These include residential phone service, business phone service using VoIP, and data transport for businesses.

Does Dobson offer a television service?

We will not offer a “conventional” television product like a cable company. Dobson believes users will continue to source their own television content through online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. This is a growing trend referred to as OTT (Over-the-Top). It is our goal to provide residential subscribers in Poteau with adequate speeds and access to enjoy these personal content services via the Internet.

Will Dobson service towns that surround Poteau?

Currently our focus is on delivering services to the businesses and residences of Poteau. We understand there is a demand for better Internet service in the surrounding communities. We are continually evaluating these communities to determine when and if our services will be available to extended markets.

What else is Dobson Technologies doing in the community?

Dobson believes in being committed to the communities we serve. As such, we have and will continue to take an active role in the Poteau community by having a physical My Community Sales & Support center in town. Here you will have access to a Dobson Technologies Community Manager and Community Representatives, ready to assist with sales and support. You will interact with familiar, friendly people that live and work where you do.

Dobson Technologies is a member of the Poteau Chamber of Commerce, and is committed to supporting activities that promote economic development and growth for the Poteau community.

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