Cybersecurity: C-Suite vs. IT

Cybersecurity: C-Suite vs. IT

One of the many roles of leadership for a business is ensuring the alignment of mission and execution. As companies increase their awareness of the risks in cyber space, gaining consensus between executives and the IT department on the subject of cybersecurity gets interesting.

When both groups were surveyed, it revealed a gap between each group’s understanding of cyber threats, and business and technological risks.

     “80% of Executives surveyed in the U.S. believe cybersecurity to be a significant challenge to their business, while only 50% IT decision makers agree.” Harvard Business Review.

It’s no surprise each group has a different perception on how cyber risks impact the business.  According to Harvard Business Review, C-suite executives are responsible to mitigate business risks, while IT decision makers provide the technology support that drives business operations. Another point worth mentioning is that the C-Suite’s focus is more about leadership skills and business fundamentals than technical expertise.

What’s the solution?

Organizations that implement cybersecurity as a strategic solution within their risk management operations, help reduce the disconnects between the two perceptions. When businesses follow basic best practices, it’s the first step to a proactive approach to support internal awareness and response.

Every business should take proactive measures to protect itself because the costs of a breach are so serious. When risk management takes the lead of devoting time to IT strategic planning before an incident occurs, recovery is more effective, less costly, and resolves more quickly.

Where do you start?
  • Start by surveying your systems to identify any valuable data and how it’s currently protected.
  • Make sure you identify all potential entry points to your network; because of the Internet of Things, data security isn’t just about servers and storage devices, but also about devices like smart thermostats.
  • Raise your employees’ information awareness through training and check how the vendors you share data with, including cloud and managed IT services providers, secure it when it’s in their network.
  • Lastly, consider cyber security insurance to help your business manage the financial impact if a breach occurs.

Be Proactive. Be Vigilant.

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