Creating Efficiencies: A Team Approach

Since Dobson Technologies re-branded in 2013, there has been a continuous need to streamline processes across what used to be 3 separate companies. Several efficiency initiatives have been implemented to better serve the needs of our employees and customers.

One of these initiatives has been a recent consolidation of our billing systems. Historically, we have maintained three separate databases for managing the billing and operational support of our customers. This has required employees to frequently switch between three separate systems in order to manage documentation and provide customer support. It became evident that this process needed to be streamlined and in early spring of 2015, a project was initiated to merge the three databases into one.

A team of employees from various departments came together to tackle the project and had prerequisites completed by May, which was a tight deadline. While the project will not actually finalize until the fall, they only took about six weeks to create the single new database.

A team approach was imperative to the success of this project. The team agrees that the conversion improves processes and ensures consistency between the companies. Even though we offer different services, the processes need to be the same and flow the same way.

Now, thanks to the dedicated efforts of this multi-departmental team, our employees will soon be logging into one database between the Dobson companies. The team consisted of the following employees:

– Raymond Castor, Senior VP of Information Technology, Corporate
– Donna Wynn, Assistant General Manager, Telco Operations
– Mikki Brown, Manager of Financial Accounting, Corporate
– Sarah Sowinski, Customer Care Manager, Corporate
– Melody Martin, Circuit Provisioner, Telco Operations
– Rebecca Halter, GL Accountant, Corporate
Cindy Hood, GL Accountant, Corporate
– Laramie Moyer, Sales Support, Corporate
– Debbie McElyea, Customer Service Supervisor, Telco Operations
– Jackie Schmidlkofer, Administrative Assistant, Telco Operations
– Kim Lesneski, Customer Service Representative, Telco Operations
– Tonya Jordan, Records Clerk, Telco Operations
– Shelley Lindberg, Engineering Records, Telco Operations

We truly appreciate the hard work and dedication of these employees! Way to go team…we thank you!

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