Dobson Managed IT Services for Cory’s Audio Visual

Dobson Managed IT Services for Cory’s Audio Visual

Cory’s Audio Visual is a 3rd generation Oklahoma City business founded in 1953 by Joseph F. Cory. It provides audio and visual services through 3 separate divisions – live events, hospitality and design/build.  The divisions serve a wide variety of AV needs, including special events, hotels and convention centers, churches, schools and corporate clients. The company has 30 full-time employees, 6 part-time and about 30 temporary employees. Cory’s operations are networked by a computer server and 39 desktop computers. Current owners are Brad Poarch, CEO, and John Cory, COO, cousins and descendants of the founder.

The Challenge

Cory’s Audio Visual is headquartered in Oklahoma City with a satellite location in Tulsa. Having remote IT support from a Tulsa-based company made on-site support a challenge. Although they had a handful of employees with some IT knowledge, their needs had outgrown their resources. IT issues took time away from these employees to focus on their core jobs. Cory’s AV desired a local company with scalable resources to be the strategic, consultative partner they needed.

“Technology is very important to our business. Each of our divisions operates independently and each has different software requirements. The issue was that we did not have good ways to consolidate all of our data in one place. We tried several methods and came up short. Our network infrastructure was very old and had been hodgepodged together by several of our employees.  It became a limiting factor as we kept growing.  That’s when we started looking for a partner that could help support our internal infrastructures.” – Brad Poarch, CEO, Cory’s AV.

The Dobson Solution

Dobson helped Cory’s AV look at the big picture and offered a strategic approach to managing their IT needs. They have helped Cory’s AV with their network by upgrading their server from a platform that would soon no longer be supported. Dobson has created efficiencies by providing the technical resources they need so their employees can focus on their core job functions. In addition, Dobson provides vendor-neutral guidance on equipment purchases that work in Cory’s AV technical environment.

“If there’s ever an issue, no one here has to deal with it. Previously, when someone had an issue they would have to locate the person who could fix it. Many times that person would be on a jobsite for the next several days and we would have to consider pulling that person off the site to come and fix it. Now, we call Dobson when we have an issue, and they fix it. It’s wonderful.” – Brad Poarch, CEO.

Outcomes for Cory’s AV

“Dobson has relieved headaches. One of the main reasons we chose Dobson was because their values and processes very closely mirror our own. We thought ‘we want to do business with a company like that.’ They weren’t the cheapest option, but we aren’t either. They provide great value in the service they provide which is worth paying for. They are a true partner and using their expertise has been very good for our organization.”  – Brad Poarch, CEO.

Perspective from Cory’s Audio Visual CEO, Brad Poarch

“When we were shopping for an managed IT partner, we looked at several different companies. One of the big selling points that Dobson has compared to the others was that anyone in our company could reach out to them with a problem. For instance, with the other companies, if Tom had a problem with his computer, he had to talk to that one point of contact who reached out to the IT company to get it fixed.  Dobson took out that middleman and said ‘we want everyone to be able to reach out to us anytime they have a problem.’  Having our employees contact Dobson directly takes out that extra step and speeds up the process. It has really been nice. With every issue we have, someone gets back in touch with us within an hour or two to solve the problem.”