Serving your county with the best bandwidth and phone solutions around!

Every day you’re committed to serve your constituents, and every year you’re asked to do more with less. Dobson can help you do both. Eighty years ago, we cut our teeth building miles of telephone lines to connect rural Oklahoma when nobody else would.

Today, we’re still committed to connecting Oklahoma with the best technology around. By using existing bandwidth and, in some cases, existing equipment, Dobson can evolve your phone and Internet services from slow Internet to high-speed Internet solutions, all without breaking your budget.

Keep your county connected.

Internet Speeds 5X Faster than DSL

Connect to existing fiber and conduct county business with faster speeds and less expense.

Secure County Data

Upgrade to enterprise-level firewall and routers for hack-resistant security that pays for itself with existing funds.

Free Long Distance

Upgrade your phone services using existing fiber lines, and say goodbye to monthly long-distance bills.

DobsonConnect Voice Over Internet Phone Solutions

Forward calls to your cell phone, transfer calls between county offices, receive fax and voice mail to your email inbox, and more with voice over Internet phone service.

Service You Can Budget For

Tired of volatile phone bills? With Dobson, you lock in one monthly rate for the term of your contract.

Contact our team today for a free network review.

All Dobson options are designed for low disruption, high impact, and better budgeting.