24/7 access to Dobson Technologies’ Team of IT Experts Frees Up Time for Total Medical’s Office Manager from Dealing with IT Issues

Total Medical is an Oklahoma City-based medical staffing company with satellite locations in Tulsa and Lawton. They provide temporary and full-time employment opportunities to licensed medical professionals at hospitals, surgical centers, medical clinics, nursing homes, assisted living centers, home health and hospice agencies. They employ approximately 325 people mostly on a temporary basis. Mike O’Keefe is CEO.

From a management standpoint, Dobson’s customer service is first class…It’s one thing to sell a service and then another to back it up.”

– Mike O’Keefe, CEO


Before Dobson Technologies began providing managed IT services for Total Medical, the staffing company attempted to solve on-going technology issues with a part-time IT professional who was not on site during working hours. Operating an on-site file server also presented issues as employees attempted to log in from remote locations. “Predominantly, the biggest issue was having a part-time, after-hours IT person.  We didn’t have the ability to respond to employees in a timely manner. And connectivity issues are big ones for us in terms of our server, our log-ins, and creating new log-ins and passwords.”  — Mike O’Keefe, Total Medical CEO.


Dobson provides a team of full-time IT experts who can log-in remotely to the Total Medical network and quickly resolve issues that come up at any time of the day, 24/7.  In addition, Dobson has added cloud backup for the Total Medical server.


Around-the-clock access to Dobson’s team of IT professionals has freed Total Medical’s office manager from having to deal with ongoing IT issues.  And the off-site backup has meant that files can quickly be restored if the company’s server goes down for any reason.


“The biggest outcome is having an HR/office manager who’s gone from spending 8 to 12 hours a week on IT issues down to 1 to 3 hours.  It’s significantly reduced the amount of time she’s spending chasing down technical issues. We operate 24/7, so if someone had a connectivity issue on nights or weekends, they would have to call our office manager. Now they call Dobson.”

“Our employees see that we upgraded our system and made an investment in, them, really. Before it was a lot of down time for them, and now there is less down time and less aggravation.  They don’t see it as much as an upgrade in our technology as an upgrade on the service side.  When they call someone, they are calling someone who is an IT expert as opposed to an HR manager who says ‘let me get someone on the phone.”

“We had a virus come through back in the spring. It took us down for a day, but if that happened and we didn’t have Dobson, we would have been down for two or three days if not more.”

“From a management standpoint, Dobson’s customer service is first class.  Their management team is determined to resolve any issue we bring to them and they are committed to fixing it in a timely manner.  Dobson is good on their follow-up. It’s one thing to sell a service and then another to back it up.”

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