Case Study: Superior Fabrication

About Superior Fabrication

Superior Fabrication is an Elk City manufacturer of oil-field equipment with satellite locations in Canadian, Texas and Ada, Oklahoma. It also has two other manufacturing locations in Elk City in addition to its corporate headquarters.  Superior employs more than 400 people system-wide and approximately 200 in Elk City.

The Challenge

Before switching to Dobson’s fiber-to-the-business during the summer of 2014, Superior was operating their business on a DSL connection that supported their Internet and phone service. Dropped calls were frequent, along with static that hindered voice communications, which made sales calls and connecting with satellite locations challenging.

“As a manufacturing business, we were experiencing so many dropped calls, which was unacceptable.  I was getting calls all the time about ‘hey, I was on a sales call and it dropped.’ ” – Ken Bearden, IT manager.

The Dobson Solution

Dobson provided a direct fiber link to Superior’s three Elk City locations, and the company anticipates another fiber connection to its Ada plant in the not-too-distant future.  The Canadian, Texas, plant is in an area outside of Dobson’s fiber reach.

Outcomes for Choctaw Casinos

Since switching over to Dobson’s fiber-to-the business, Superior Fabrication has had no issues with static on the phone lines or with dropped calls. The company’s Internet connection has also improved dramatically.

Perspective from Ken Bearden, Information Technology Manager

“Probably the biggest thing is that Dobson’s fiber has eliminated our phone issues. I haven’t had any issues. The Internet side of it?   Here in town it is night and day. It runs better than we could have ever imagined.  It makes my job easier and I’m not just saying that.”

“I’ve worked with one of Dobson’s engineers since I was at my previous job as IT Director with a school here in Western Oklahoma. I’ve got his personal cell phone number, and he’s always told me that ‘if you have any problems, call me.’ I don’t think there are many companies that would say ‘here is my cell phone number, call me if you have issues.’ But as I said before, I don’t call. We don’t have any problems.

“A company came in here the other day, about a month after we switched to Dobson, and said ‘hey, I heard you guys switched.  We’re with Verizon right now. What are you experiencing with Dobson?’ I had no hesitation saying ‘I don’t know how much you are paying now, but if I was going to switch this is who I would move with.”

“I probably sound like a commercial for these guys, but I would recommend Dobson to anyone, and I don’t hesitate on that at all.  We agreed to a 2-year contract with them, and I can say with 100 percent confidence that we would renew again.”

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