Case Study: MCINTYRE LAW, PC’s IT Operations


About McIntyre Law, PC

McIntyre Law, PC is an Oklahoma City-based personal injury firm with a national presence. The firm employs other attorneys, legal assistants and office administrators. The staff relies heavily on technology to communicate with clients and other legal firms throughout the nation. Noble McIntyre is the founding partner and principal of McIntyre Law, PC.

The Challenge

When McIntyre Law encountered an IT issue that caused the entire office to experience downtime, the firm decided to call their current backup provider, Dobson Technologies, for help.  Although Dobson is not a break/fix IT provider, they agreed to help the team at McIntyre Law out as a one-time project.  When another major problem occurred again, the firm knew they needed Dobson’s Managed IT services on a full-time basis instead of relying on a non-IT employee for technical issues. “We used to experience the same issues that everyone else is affected by. When things go wrong on your computer or Outlook freezes up or you need to upgrade equipment…this is not what I do; I practice law. I used to rely on one of my legal assistants for technical issues — anything that would break she would try to figure out what to do. It was a nightmare and not a workable solution. And downtime costs me money.”

The Dobson Solution

Dobson’s IT professionals took over management responsibilities of the McIntyre Law network, providing monitoring and fast response time in case of problems with the firms’ computers, servers and other network equipment.

Outcomes for McIntyre Law, PC

Downtime is no longer an issue for McIntyre Law since the Dobson team has started managing their IT operations.  Updates and upgrades are being proactively monitored and taken care of.  The legal assistant is not spending valuable time trying to solve non-job related technical issues.  And if issues do arise, the Dobson team is quick to respond and find a solution.

Perspective from McIntyre Law, PC Founding Partner, Noble McIntyre

“Dobson manages everything. If we have any problems at all we just shoot them an email, and they get online remotely from wherever they are or come on site to fix the problem. They also continually audit my computers and upgrade everything every 18 months or so. They make sure that anything that needs to be fixed or any programs we need to get, just anything to do with my server or computers, is taken care of. If we have a problem they respond almost immediately.” “The guys are very responsive. They fix our problems quickly and they are very friendly. I like them. I wouldn’t be with them if I didn’t.”

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