Benefits of Fast Internet

Can Faster Internet at Your Business Affect Your Bottom Line?

In today’s competitive marketplace, moving more data with increased Internet speed continues to drive business sales. Fast Internet for your business supports multiple pillars of the customer experience, ultimately affecting the bottom line of your business. With a fiber-optic Internet connection directly to your business, you can help increase your company’s profit, productivity, collaboration, and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Fast Internet

How is Internet Speed Measured?

Internet speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). This relates to how fast a megabit of data can be transported. When you purchase the typical broadband cable or DSL service, you usually end up with speeds ranging between 10 and 25 megabits per second. The speed of your Internet connectivity determines how quickly you can download and upload megabits of data; be it Web pages, big files, or images.

When it comes to deciding if faster Internet is worth the expense, the rapid evolution of data management and analytics continue to present Internet “speed” as a determiner for conversions from prospects to customers, as well as maintaining a positive customer relationship over time. A widely quoted study by the Aberdeen Group found that “A one-second delay in page load time equals 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions.” You do the math – it can add up to significant sales loss for your business every year.


The Benefits to Increasing Your Business Internet Speed

In the long term, using a faster Internet connection for your business saves money by improving communications between businesses, clients, and employees.

  • Time is money:  When Web pages load faster, it allows employees increased options for multi-tasking, leading to increased productivity and faster page loading increases customer satisfaction.
  • Geography:  Most of today’s audio and visual technology allows you to stream conference meetings across town or across the globe, which is all supported by high-speed Internet, resulting in improved collaboration and increased profits.
  • Telecommunications:  With the rise of “Bring Your Own Device” to the business communication network and the migration to VoIP telephone systems, companies are moving their communications to fast, dedicated fiber-optic Internet and away from analog telephone lines, enjoying clearer communications and increased cost savings.
  • Downloading and uploading:  When using high-speed Internet, software updates, programs, and audio and visual files only take seconds, without having to think about resolution and compression issues; supporting both employee and customer satisfaction.

A Growing Reliance upon Fast Internet for Business

As most businesses continue to migrate sales to an online customer experience and the world becomes one big network of connected services and products, this expanding network which is supported by high-speed fiber-optic Internet connectivity, otherwise known as the “Internet of Things,” will have a projected growth value equivalent to $1.9 Trillion by 2020.  Business industries such as Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and many others will require fast Internet simply to conduct daily business.  In essence, fast Internet has become a necessity.  The demand for network service companies will increase to help ensure these industries meet deadlines, serve customer needs, and efficiently process huge amounts of data.

How to Tap into Fast Internet

In order to realize the benefits of fast Internet for your own organization, it’s important to speak with a professional who can help you install and run a fiber-optic Internet connection directly to your business. From there, you can determine what kind of speeds you require and which areas of your business can benefit directly from faster Internet.

Ultimately, you want Internet speeds that help you dramatically improve your bottom line, rather than serve as a bottleneck to growth. We have a state-wide network in Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle that provides fast, reliable Internet connectivity for businesses along our 3,500+ mile fiber-optic route. If you are interested in learning what kinds of speeds you are receiving or how fast Internet can help your business, give Dobson Technologies a call at 405-242-1000 today!

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