Business Internet:  Selecting the Right Bandwidth and Internet plan

Business Internet: Selecting the Right Bandwidth and Internet plan

The usage of Internet bandwidth for business has increased over the past decade and continues to do so. Internet bandwidth is an important topic to businesses large and small as bandwidth is the maximum rate at which you can download data from the internet to your computer. The bandwidth you need to run your business Internet affects several bottom line results, such as productivity, efficiency, and employee morale.  As businesses migrate to cloud-based Internet platforms, selecting the right bandwidth for your business can tip the scales favorably toward increased profits and growth.

Several variables come into play when determining the amount of bandwidth your business will need. First, bandwidth is scalable to increase as your business grows. Secondly, the number of employees you have working online, the amounts and types of data being transferred, and the software platforms you run for business processes — all impact bandwidth usage. Also, these variables work in tandem with your internet speed, which depends upon how your business is connected to the Internet.

Let’s say you have 1-3 employees using the Internet mainly for email and the transfer of small files, your bandwidth need will be somewhat minimal. But if your business is like most these days, using the Internet for email, video and video streaming (teleconferencing), VOIP phones, online software processes, and transferring large files, the demand for more bandwidth increases.  If using Office 365 and cloud-based operations, the demand is even more.

The units of bandwidth measurement terms can differ from internet provider to video streaming service depending upon the focus. For example, 10 MBps is not the same as 10 Mbps (note the lowercase b). The first reads as 10 megaBYTES while the second is 10 megaBITS. These two values are different by a factor of 8 since there are 8 bits in a byte.

  • Megabits per second (Mbps) = measurement of internet speed per second
  • Megabytes per second (MBps) = data volume of information per second
  • Bandwidth = measurement of the volume of information per unit of time that an internet connection can handle; a level for which you pay your Internet Service Provider on your internet connection.   Analogy:  Data is water and bandwidth is the size of the pipe.

To help you estimate the appropriate bandwidth to support your business productivity, we offer basic “symmetrical” speed suggestions from one desktop to multiple devices in a small to medium sized business setting:

  • Up to 125 Mbps up/down – Suited for most business needs
  • Up to 500 Mbps up/down – Suited for businesses sending/receiving large files and data
  • Up to 1 Gbps up/down – Suited for businesses sending/receiving large files and data on multiple desktops/devices
  • More than a 1 Gbps, we suggest you check into dedicated fiber access to the internet that offers guaranteed speed and bandwidth service levels

Ultimately, you want Internet speeds that help you dramatically improve your bottom line, rather than serve as a bottleneck to growth.  If you are interested in learning what kinds of speeds you are receiving or how fast Internet can help your business, give Dobson Technologies a call at 405-242-1000 today!

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