What Expanding Your Bandwidth Means for Your Business

What Expanding Your Bandwidth Means for Your Business

  More bandwidth.  More opportunities.

Connectivity has contributed to a surge in the amount of data that travels through the Internet.  Armed with an arsenal of mobile devices, individuals today carry smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart watches to stay connected.

“There’s an explosion taking place, and that explosion involves large volumes of information,” said Frank Franzese, President of IT, Transport and Telecom Solutions for Oklahoma City-based Dobson Technologies.

Franzese answered several questions about the increased utilization of bandwidth to move data around the world.  Bandwidth is an industry term which refers to the rate of data transfer, or throughput, over an internet connection.

Q: What is driving the need for more bandwidth?

Franzese: Our lives are becoming increasingly connected.  The Internet has everyone, businesses and direct consumers alike, dependent upon an integration of online experiences within the context of our daily lives.  Businesses are moving and consuming more data with an increased dependence on unified voice communications and cloud-based solutions for operational functions like marketing and payroll. Direct consumers are streaming content through services like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu and are making their lives more efficient with home automation services like smart thermostats and web-based home security applications.  All of this means that more and more data is traveling between the provider and the end user.  And with the increasing adoption of these technologies, we are witnessing an increased migration of the customer experience to an online setting.

Q:  Bandwidth is needed to transfer data from the provider to the end user.   How has the technology evolved with demand?

Franzese: From a business standpoint, IT infrastructure has become mission-critical.  There is an increased need to quickly and securely transfer data to meet operational needs and customer demands.  Fiber and Ethernet technology has evolved tremendously to support demand for speed, quality, and capacity.  Wireless carriers face a similar challenge. The technology that previously serviced cell sites is no longer fast, large, or cost effective enough to handle the volumes of data they are now having to process. In order to move into new generations of technology they need to have next gen facilities.

Q: How does Dobson Technologies expand bandwidth for customers?

Franzese: Dobson Technologies owns and operates a fiber optic network that spans more than 2,700 miles across Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle.  Think of our network as a network of large pipes. The pipes that Dobson engineers are massive and can move far more information than required so we stay ahead of the demand curve.  Our nearly-new, refined network is 10G Ethernet-based and is set up perfectly for customers that want to transmit large amounts of information at fast speeds in a way that protects their business and data.  All of our networks are engineered to be redundant  – meaning they are designed with resiliency in mind.

Q: What type of businesses does Dobson serve?

Franzese:  We service a variety of businesses, wholesale providers and wireless carriers.  We package our products to accommodate the needs of businesses of all sizes from single offices all the way up to multi-national companies with thousands of employees.  Our goal is to ensure our customers have business a high quality service and customer experience.  Business continuity is of the utmost importance.  As most businesses continue to migrate sales to an online customer experience and the world becomes one big network of connected services and products, accessibility to reliable high-speed internet contributes to a competitive advantage and enables businesses to prosper.

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