Email Security Tips

10 Advanced Types of Security for Emails

Protecting your information, and your clients’ sensitive data, should be a priority for all businesses in Oklahoma. While most email systems offer basic encryption and anti-spam technology, keeping an entire network of inboxes safe remains a challenge. Standard email security components leave Oklahomans vulnerable to phishing, zero-day exploits, and other email-borne invasions.

In today’s world, managers and business owners must assume that their data is constantly under attack because a security breach could truly occur at any time. An advanced, multilayered email security system is the best way to protect your communications. Dobson Technologies offers state-of-the-art email security services and sophisticated threat protection.

Here are 10 advanced types of security for emails, included with all of our comprehensive, multilayered protection plans:

Key Security Features:

  • Virus Protection
    • Email and file scanning using three layers of polymorphous scanning technologies
  • Spam Protection
    • Barracuda Central-enabled screening for known spammers and malware domains
  • Anti-PhishingEmail Security Tips
    • Anti-fraud intelligence, sender spoofing detection, and domain name validation
  • Link Protection
    • Intelligent detection of malicious URLs
  • Typosquatting Detection
    • Active URL screening against fraudulent lookalikes of genuine sites
  • Denial of Service Attack Prevention
    • Protection against malware designed to cripple or disable networks
  • Email Spooling
    • Up to 96 hours of spooling to ensure email delivery in case of server or connection failures
  • Automated Email Encryption
    • Simplified key management using 256-bit AES encryption and SMTP over TLS
  • Outbound Filtering
    • Filtering against botnet spam and outbound attacks originating inside the network
  • Data Loss Prevention
    • Policy-based screening of credit card numbers, SSNs, and other sensitive content

Dobson’s advanced threat protection is a crucial security layer that scans email attachments in a variety of file formats and compares them against a large cryptographic hash database. Our technology isolates and detonates files of unknown status in a sandbox environment within the cloud to observe their behavior. The result is pushed into a real-time system to provide protection to you and all of your customers, here in Oklahoma and beyond.

To find out how to get these email protections in place for your team, contact a Dobson representative today.