“The original goal was to have a disaster plan that kept a daily backup of our core processor’s database and archive files. Dobson Technologies and their well-trained staff helped our bank to achieve an efficient way to send our backup files to a remote server well away from our location. Now our customers’ financial information and also the bank’s financial information will be retrievable within hours, if our bank were to be faced with a catastrophic event.

“Being a financial institution, security was one of our main concerns. Knowing that our files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption that only certain individuals are assigned access gives us a reassurance of protection. Detailed logs are also generated to help auditors determine which users have logged in to the remote server and when any activity occurs. These are just a few security features to help protect our institution from any compliance issues and security threats that could arise.

“The client software provided by Dobson Technologies is very user friendly and simple to use. Scheduling retentions and backup schemes can be done in minutes; therefore, backing up data can occur anytime day or night.

“A situation occurred here at Quail Creek Bank where we had our host server shut down and some of our scheduled retentions were not processed. The next morning an e-mail was sent informing our IT department about the skipped backup. Our technicians fixed the problem and backed up the files immediately. This is the type of support a financial institution should depend upon. Thanks to Dobson Technologies for their support.”

James Griffith
Senior Vice President
Quail Creek Bank n. a.

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