“We have been using Dobson Technologies’ offsite backup since September 2007. Prior to this technology, tape backups were scheduled daily on our servers. Maintaining these backups would easily consume our IT department’s valuable time. Since the implementation of Dobson Technologies, we have been able to free IT resources for other tasks and reduce the cost of backup maintenance.

“The initial installation was painless. Dobson Technologies expained in detail how they operated and suggested best backup procedures for our environment. Our backups run nightly and confirmation reports are e-mailed daily. Our data is available 24 x 7, via a web browser and the most current backup is available on a local drive. Restoring data has been simplified significantly and is only a few clicks of the mouse away!

“After touring Dobson Technologies’ State-of-the-Art facility, I am certain that our data is secure and in the hands of experts. Dobson Technologies’ facility is equipped with battery backups, generators, 24 x 7 monitoring, climate controlled data center, and data redundancy. Should our facility be devastated by data loss through disaster, theft, or system crash, it would not be possible to continue daily operations without severe interruption. We have backed up more than 400 gigabytes of data which includes financial records, membership information, inventory of our collections, over 100,000 archived images, e-mail and appointment calendars, library catalogs, as well as spreadsheets and correspondence. Knowing that our data is secure at an off-site location relieves me knowing that the Museum could be back in full operation quickly and flawlessly if needed. Dobson Technologies’ data backup and recovery solution offers maximum security and most of all, peace of mind.”

Sharon Kasper
Information Technology Manager
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

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