Learn from a company’s recent experience of moving everything to the cloud with Dobson Technologies.

Case Study Highlights

  • U.S.-based company that offers offshore IT, programming, development and design services that require access to a robust data center.
  • Building an in-house data center was cost-prohibitive and slow, with too much downtime required for updates.
  • Because programmers and service center are in Pakistan, data flow must be continuous, nimble & fast.
  • Needed redundancies, immediate ROI, and no equipment headaches.

Allshore Global Resources

Allshore Global Resources offers the best of both the offshore and onshore worlds: clients have access to an affordable, full-time, English-fluent IT expert who is dedicated to their needs, while Oklahoma-based Allshore oversees projects, HR, and all financial and legal aspects. Allshore partnered with Dobson Technologies in 2011.

The Bottom Line

Using Dobson Technologies considerably speeds up Allshore’s growth potential, allowing them to hit the market running and giving them scalability that they can pass onto customers.

Shoring Up with Power and Ease

Key Issues:

Allshore Global Resources is a tech service company that needed a robust data center to meet
its growing needs. But physical servers are expensive, clunky, and can be slow. A failure at a
physical data center requires hardware, delivery waits, and taking systems offline. Allshore’s
business relies on stable, continuous connectivity and immediacy, and because Allshore assures
seamless productivity and connectivity between clients in the U.S. and programmers in Pakistan,
there is no tolerance for protracted issues, failures or long downtimes. Redundancy must be built
into the backup process, without burdening the system.

Covered To the Core

The company chose Dobson Technologies over either a physical data center or virtual service-
providers like Amazon because Dobson Technologies allows:

  • Immediate ROI: Allshore could hit the ground running, without having to spend $70K-80K upgrading their facility, only to spend it again in 3-5 years replacing equipment.
  • “Virtual” Ease: Seamless IaaS/virtual data centers mean no equipment to replace or worry about.
  • Scalability and Limitless Growth: If more memory, processing power, bandwidth, etc., is needed, Dobson Technologies provides it immediately.
  • Peace of mind: Allshore can spend its energy on clients, not equipment. Everything is backed up by Dobson Technologies.
  • Superior Value: The cost efficiency of a virtual service center means customers get double the programming. Though Dobson Technologies wasn’t Allshore’s cheapest option, they undoubtedly provided the most value

“It’s given us peace of mind. Everything is backed up, secure and redundant.” – Bryan Rudd, COO, Allshore Global Resources, LLC

Key Benefits

Peace of Mind

  • Thorough coverage that eliminates hardware headaches
  • Redundancies and security

Ease Of Installation and Use

  • Seamless connectivity, data backup and service for a U.S. company with employees in Pakistan and a global client base
  • Smooth installation, no major hiccups

Scalability and Growth

  • RAM, storage, processing speed & other services can be upgraded in minutes. That’s perfect for Allshore’s clients, who sometimes need more power on the fly.
  • As Allshore grows, so can its centers, all without having to build physical processors.
  • No maintenance or repair headaches: a quick phone call can resolve any issues.
  • Downtime is negligible, a bonus for clients who demand immediacy.
  • Dobson Technologies delivers speed, power and more speed.

Growth Without Limits

Initially, Allshore Global Resources wanted to build its own data center. But that option
came bundled with the very real and expensive difficulties of connectivity issues, repairing/
maintaining hardware and time-to-build. That would cost them not only significant overhead but
also time and energy away from Allshore’s core competency and business development efforts.

After comparing Dobson Technologies to other service providers such as Amazon, Allshore
realized that letting Dobson Technologies virtualize their data center would allow near limitless
growth and scalability. Not only would they not have to worry about hardware, failures and
burning irreplaceable money on building a physical center, they could rest assured that adding
storage, servers and capacity would only require five-minutes of downtime as opposed to five-

Thanks to Dobson Technologies, as Allshore grows, so will its data capacity. This is a key
advantage, one the company can pass along to clients when projects require resources to be
increased on the fly.

Global is Local

Allshore is based in Norman, Oklahoma, about 30 minutes from Oklahoma City. U.S.-based
personnel are programmers that do requirements analyses for clients, who then set up each
client with a dedicated developer in Pakistan. This developer speaks flawless English and is in
constant contact with the clients. And the key to maintaining happy clients is constant, reliable
connectivity. Dobson Technologies not only keeps Allshore’s data secure and redundant, its
VMware technology and IaaS (virtualized data center) create better connectivity than a physical
hub. Dobson Technologies puts the whole world just seconds away.

“Overall, it’s been a fantastic experience with Dobson Technologies.” – Bryan Rudd

Dobson Technologies Has You Covered

For U.S.-based Allshore Global Resources, Dobson Technologies created a global virtual
data center so Allshore can concentrate on client solutions, not hardware problems. Dobson
Technologies’ suite of cloud and managed service products feature personal service from
certified professionals that help businesses reduce costs, minimize risks, increase scalability and
ensure data availability 24/7.

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