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“The install was extremely easy. There were no fiber optics in this area before. Dobson came out and laid the line. They fired it up and haven’t had any issues since. The service has been extremely reliable.”

– Darren Schlegel, Owner

“Our office made the switch to Dobson around two years ago, and we couldn’t be happier! In our line of work, we are solely dependent on our internet service so we can do our jobs. Our clients depend on us to protect their assets, so we trust Dobson for our internet and our phones, and we aren’t disappointed!”

Jessica Downing, Risk Manager at Lyle Whitworth: Allstate Insurance

“After fighting slower internet speeds for years, we made the switch to Dobson as soon as the fiber internet became available. The improvement was incredible compared to our prior service and the reliability cannot be beat.”

– Liz Johnson, CEO, CTC

Dobson Technologies Fiber Optic Internet and Voice Service has truly been a great enhancement to our business here in Poteau for 3+ years. The reliability, speed and support has been phenomenal! We couldn’t wait for Dobson’s fiber at our new location in Stigler.”

– Trina Ward, Broker Associate/Owner, REMAX Champion Land Brokers

“Dobson has provided SWOSU that personable customer service that is so hard to find these days. Their network is dependable and fast – we couldn’t be more pleased.”

– Karen Klein, Director of Information Technology, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford, OK

“The time spent was intense and went past their normal work hours. The calls and the monitoring of our account after the fact was very comforting to us. We highly recommend Dobson Technologies for any and all of your needs.”

– The grateful Team of Deer Creek Dental

“We have telephone equipment, telephone service and Internet service all from Dobson. The voice quality on their service is excellent, and we have a lot more options on the phone menus. Call answering is a lot easier for us than before. The people that we have dealt with at Dobson have been very good to us, and very reliable. They’ve really been good about answering our calls, and we’ve been really happy about how we’ve been treated.”

– Dr. Howard Zent, Red Earth Animal Hospital, Elk City, OK

“Dobson has relieved headaches. One of the main reasons we chose Dobson was because their values and processes very closely mirror our own.  We thought ‘we want to do business with a company like that.’ They weren’t the cheapest option, but we aren’t either. They provide great value in the service they provide which is worth paying for. They are a true partner and using their expertise has been very good for our organization.”


“Dobson manages everything.  If we have any problems at all we just shoot them an email and they get online remotely or come onsite to fix the problem.  They also continually audit my computers and make sure anything to do with my server or computers is taken care of.”


“I need to do a little bragging on the Dobson team. They REALLY went above and beyond the call of duty to help me fix my scanning capabilities on my printer. It was such a pain not having it, and they were persistent in getting it fixed. Your team rocks and I wanted you to know!”

– Admissions Coordinator, PARCway

Customer Stories

Schlegel’s Quick Lube

Schlegel’s Quick Lube in Weatherford, OK, opened its doors with a mission to provide convenient automobile services and high-quality products. They’ve been a successful business in western Oklahoma for the last five and a half years, but to keep service levels high, they needed a particular system upgrade: their internet.

Before getting connected to the Dobson Technologies fiber network, keeping operations efficient had become a challenge. “Before Dobson, we always had to go with a wireless internet provider because no one had hard lines running out here,” explained owner Darren Schlegel. With wireless internet, it was up and down every single day. At one point, we had five technicians out in a single month.”

Connectivity for Every Type of Business

You might be surprised at how integral high-speed internet is to operate an auto repair shop. But in today’s world, almost every type of business needs reliable network connections.

“Our entire business runs on the internet. We have a computer system that we use to pull up vehicles and diagnostics. Everything we have here needs good WiFi,” Schlegel said.

In addition to quick, convenient oil changes and automotive maintenance, Schlegel’s offers full mechanic work, so keeping the system up and running is vital to their business and the lives of their customers.

99.9% Reliability 

Fortunately, Dobson specializes in maximum reliability and business internet connectivity that keeps operations up and running.

“The install was extremely easy,” Schlegel stated. “There were no fiber optics in this area before. Dobson came out and laid the line. They fired it up and haven’t had any issues since. The service has been extremely reliable.”

The next time you are in Weatherford, stop by and visit the team at Schlegel’s Quick Lube. You’ll be fascinated by how cutting edge fiber-optic connectivity can even make an oil change faster.

Lyle Whitworth: Allstate Insurance

As a Personal Financial Representative in Poteau, Oklahoma, Lyle Whitworth knows many local families. He and his team understand the people in the Poteau area and strive to provide customers with an outstanding service level. This goal is one of the many reasons the staff at Lyle Whitworth: Allstate Insurance trust Dobson Technologies.

Helping families protect the important things, such as their home or car, carries with it great responsibility. Lyle and his team also help families achieve their retirement and financial goals, a business that relies heavily on superior voice and data network connections.

Making the Switch

Jessica Downing, Risk Manager at Lyle Whitworth: Allstate Insurance, explained how crucial connectivity has been for their business: “Our office made the switch to Dobson around two years ago, and we couldn’t be happier! In our line of work, we are solely dependent on our internet service so we can do our jobs. Our clients depend on us to protect their assets, so we trust Dobson for our internet and our phones, and we aren’t disappointed!”

While some businesses suffer frequent internet trouble, that has not been the case since they switched to fiber. “There has been little to no issues with Dobson! When we opened another office in McAlester, Dobson is who we called.” Jessica said. “They were there in no time getting everything hooked up and making sure we were connected.”

Oklahomans Supporting Oklahomans

On those rare occasions where technical support is needed, the staff at Lyle Whitworth: Allstate Insurance has learned the value of having access to Oklahoma-based representatives. “They have excellent customer service and tech team that is always more than willing to help get your questions or issues resolved quickly. I called the tech department just this morning,” Jessica remembered. “I told them that I needed a name changed on a phone line in one of our offices, and within an hour of the ticket being submitted, I received a call confirming the changes and verifying that it was visibly successful on my end. We 100% recommend Dobson if you want fast, reliable internet and amazing customer service.”


Dobson Managed IT Services for Cory’s Audio Visual

Cory’s Audio Visual is a 3rd generation Oklahoma City business founded in 1953 by Joseph F. Cory. It provides audio and visual services through 3 separate divisions – live events, hospitality and design/build.  The divisions serve a wide variety of AV needs, including special events, hotels and convention centers, churches, schools and corporate clients. The company has 30 full-time employees, 6 part-time and about 30 temporary employees. Cory’s operations are networked by a computer server and 39 desktop computers. Current owners are Brad Poarch, CEO, and John Cory, COO, cousins and descendants of the founder.

The Challenge

Cory’s Audio Visual is headquartered in Oklahoma City with a satellite location in Tulsa. Having remote IT support from a Tulsa-based company made on-site support a challenge. Although they had a handful of employees with some IT knowledge, their needs had outgrown their resources. IT issues took time away from these employees to focus on their core jobs. Cory’s AV desired a local company with scalable resources to be the strategic, consultative partner they needed.

“Technology is very important to our business. Each of our divisions operates independently and each has different software requirements. The issue was that we did not have good ways to consolidate all of our data in one place. We tried several methods and came up short. Our network infrastructure was very old and had been hodgepodged together by several of our employees.  It became a limiting factor as we kept growing.  That’s when we started looking for a partner that could help support our internal infrastructures.” – Brad Poarch, CEO, Cory’s AV.

The Dobson Solution

Dobson helped Cory’s AV look at the big picture and offered a strategic approach to managing their IT needs. They have helped Cory’s AV with their network by upgrading their server from a platform that would soon no longer be supported. Dobson has created efficiencies by providing the technical resources they need so their employees can focus on their core job functions. In addition, Dobson provides vendor-neutral guidance on equipment purchases that work in Cory’s AV technical environment.

“If there’s ever an issue, no one here has to deal with it. Previously, when someone had an issue they would have to locate the person who could fix it. Many times that person would be on a jobsite for the next several days and we would have to consider pulling that person off the site to come and fix it. Now, we call Dobson when we have an issue, and they fix it. It’s wonderful.” – Brad Poarch, CEO.

Outcomes for Cory’s AV

“Dobson has relieved headaches. One of the main reasons we chose Dobson was because their values and processes very closely mirror our own. We thought ‘we want to do business with a company like that.’ They weren’t the cheapest option, but we aren’t either. They provide great value in the service they provide which is worth paying for. They are a true partner and using their expertise has been very good for our organization.”  – Brad Poarch, CEO.

Perspective from Cory’s Audio Visual CEO, Brad Poarch

“When we were shopping for an IT partner, we looked at several different companies. One of the big selling points that Dobson has compared to the others was that anyone in our company could reach out to them with a problem. For instance, with the other companies, if Tom had a problem with his computer, he had to talk to that one point of contact who reached out to the IT company to get it fixed.  Dobson took out that middleman and said ‘we want everyone to be able to reach out to us anytime they have a problem.’  Having our employees contact Dobson directly takes out that extra step and speeds up the process. It has really been nice. With every issue we have, someone gets back in touch with us within an hour or two to solve the problem.”


Fiber to Business Implemented for Choctaw Casino by Dobson Technologies

Choctaw Casinos’ mission is to create an extraordinary experience for each guest, provide a fun and fulfilling environment for their associates, and add value to the Choctaw Nation and communities. Choctaw Casinos’ is located in Southeastern Oklahoma, operating 8 casinos and 11 Travel Plaza casino too’s. Locations include Durant, Grant, Pocola, McAlester, Stringtown, Stigler, Broken Bow, Idabel, Atoka, Wilburton, Poteau, and coming soon Antlers and Heavener.

The Challenge

The Choctaw Casinos IT Team was tasked with building a data network that connected all of their casinos to their headquarters in Durant, Oklahoma.  At the time, they were committed to a reasonably priced, high-bandwidth solution provider.  While building the network they found that their current provider could not provide connectivity or was unreasonably expensive.  When Choctaw Casinos of Oklahoma built a casino in Wilburton, a small town in eastern Oklahoma, they discovered that no connection was available. They were determined to find an alternative.

“All of our properties are together on one happy network. But in order to do that you have to have connectivity and communications.”  — Mike Essig, Ph.D., Senior Director of IT for Choctaw Casinos. “

The Dobson Solution

When Choctaw Casinos found Dobson Technologies, they said ‘we need you guys,’ and Dobson said ‘we’ve got your solution.’

“That’s exactly what they have done. There wasn’t anything around our Wilburton location, and by pure luck we found Dobson.  This was before I started working as our infrastructure manager, but my understanding is Dobson put the backbone in just to meet our needs, which I think is pretty impressive. Their bandwidth is extraordinary. Oklahoma is very spread out, so if you need a connection between Point A and Point B it is often very difficult to find a provider to do so. To say that Dobson has been really flexible in getting connectivity to our locations would be an understatement. Dobson has turned out to be an extraordinary partner.” – Jeremy Smith, IT Infrastructure Manager.

Outcomes for Choctaw Casinos

Choctaw Casinos has been using Dobson for almost two years.  Dobson provides fiber-to-the-business for six of the Choctaw Casinos’ locations including Durant, McAlester, Stringtown, Wilburton, Pocola and Atoka.

“We found that Dobson really does have us covered.  They’ve been very responsive.  We had a problem a couple of weeks back where something got disconnected. The wrong information was sent, and Dobson spent a good day trying to understand what happened, only to discover it wasn’t on their side anyway.  They really work to make sure that if there is a problem in the connectivity, it is quickly restored.”

Perspective from Mike Essig, Ph.D., Senior Director of Information Technology

“I would encourage other businesses needing connectivity to see what Dobson has to offer. They have provided good customer service and made it work for us in areas where we thought ‘there is no way Dobson can get a connection out there’. “

“Their pricing is very competitive. For example, we have a 100 MB pipe, and the price we are paying is less than I was paying in Las Vegas, which is surprising because pricing I’ve seen from other vendors for the same throughput is double or triple what Dobson has provided. The price is definitely what I would consider favorable.”

McIntyre Law, PC

Doing what we do best, so McIntyre can get back to business.

“If we have a problem they respond almost immediately. We can send them an email on an issue and they will open a ticket in just a couple of moments.” – Noble McIntyre, founding partner, McIntyre Law, PC

Company Profile

McIntyre Law, PC is an Oklahoma City‐based personal injury firm with a national presence. The staff relies heavily on technology to communicate with clients and other legal firms throughout the nation. Noble McIntyre is the founding partner and principal of McIntyre Law, PC.

The Challenge

When McIntyre Law encountered an IT issue that brought their entire caseload to a halt, they did what a lot of folks would do — they called a friend. That friend was Dobson.

McIntyre had been trusting Dobson with their backup services for years, and our team was happy to jump in to get them up and running. But the next time a major problem occurred, the firm realized that a break/fix solution wasn’t the answer. They needed reliable, preemptive IT services they could count on and budget for. So they decided to bring on Dobson full-time.

“We used to experience the same issues that everyone else is affected by. When things go wrong on your computer or Outlook freezes up or you need to upgrade equipment, I would think ‘This is not what I do. I practice law.’ I used to rely on one of my legal assistants for technical issues, but that’s not her job. It was not a workable solution for my business, and downtime was costing me money.”

The Dobson Solution

Since the men and women of Dobson have taken over management responsibilities of the McIntyre Law network — providing monitoring and fast response time in case of problems with computers, servers, or other network equipment — downtime is a non-issue.

Updates and upgrades are proactively monitored and handled. The legal assistant is back to her full-time job. And if issues do arise, the on-call Dobson team is there to find a solution.

“Dobson manages everything. If we have any problems at all we just shoot them an email and they get online remotely or come onsite to fix the problem. They also continually audit my computers and make sure anything to do with my server or computers is taken care of.”


24/7 access to Dobson Technologies’ Team of IT Experts Frees Up Time for Total Medical’s Office Manager from Dealing with IT Issues

Total Medical is an Oklahoma City-based medical staffing company with satellite locations in Tulsa and Lawton. They provide temporary and full-time employment opportunities to licensed medical professionals at hospitals, surgical centers, medical clinics, nursing homes, assisted living centers, home health and hospice agencies. They employ approximately 325 people mostly on a temporary basis. Mike O’Keefe is CEO.

The Challenge

Before Dobson Technologies began providing managed IT services for Total Medical, the staffing company attempted to solve on-going technology issues with a part-time IT professional who was not on site during working hours. Operating an on-site file server also presented issues as employees attempted to log in from remote locations.

“Predominantly, the biggest issue was having a part-time, after-hours IT person.  We didn’t have the ability to respond to employees in a timely manner. And connectivity issues are big ones for us in terms of our server, our log-ins, and creating new log-ins and passwords.”  — Mike O’Keefe, Total Medical CEO.

The Dobson Solution

Dobson provides a team of full-time IT experts who can log-in remotely to the Total Medical network and quickly resolve issues that come up at any time of the day, 24/7.  In addition, Dobson has added cloud backup for the Total Medical server.

Outcomes For Total Medical

Around-the-clock access to Dobson’s team of IT professionals has freed Total Medical’s office manager from having to deal with ongoing IT issues.  And the off-site backup has meant that files can quickly be restored if the company’s server goes down for any reason.

Perspective From Total Medical CEO, Mike O’Keefe

“The biggest outcome is having an HR/office manager who’s gone from spending 8 to 12 hours a week on IT issues down to 1 to 3 hours.  It’s significantly reduced the amount of time she’s spending chasing down technical issues. We operate 24/7, so if someone had a connectivity issue on nights or weekends, they would have to call our office manager. Now they call Dobson.”

“Our employees see that we upgraded our system and made an investment in, them, really. Before it was a lot of down time for them, and now there is less down time and less aggravation.  They don’t see it as much as an upgrade in our technology as an upgrade on the service side.  When they call someone, they are calling someone who is an IT expert as opposed to an HR manager who says ‘let me get someone on the phone.”

“We had a virus come through back in the spring. It took us down for a day, but if that happened and we didn’t have Dobson, we would have been down for two or three days if not more.”

“From a management standpoint, Dobson’s customer service is first class.  Their management team is determined to resolve any issue we bring to them and they are committed to fixing it in a timely manner.  Dobson is good on their follow-up. It’s one thing to sell a service and then another to back it up.”


No More Dropped Calls! Superior Fabrication Switches to Dobson’s Fiber to the Business Solution

Superior Fabrication is an Elk City manufacturer of oil-field equipment with satellite locations in Canadian, Texas and Ada, Oklahoma. It also has two other manufacturing locations in Elk City in addition to its corporate headquarters. Superior employs more than 400 people system-wide and approximately 200 in Elk City.

The Challenge

Before switching to Dobson’s fiber-to-the-business during the summer of 2014, Superior was operating their business on a DSL connection that supported their Internet and phone service. Dropped calls were frequent, along with static that hindered voice communications, which made sales calls and connecting with satellite locations challenging.

“As a manufacturing business, we were experiencing so many dropped calls, which was unacceptable. I was getting calls all the time about ‘hey, I was on a sales call and it dropped.’ ” – Ken Bearden, IT manager.

The Dobson Solution

Dobson provided a direct fiber link to Superior’s three Elk City locations, and the company anticipates another fiber connection to its Ada plant in the not-too-distant future. The Canadian, Texas, plant is in an area outside of Dobson’s fiber reach.

Outcomes for Superior Fabrication

Since switching over to Dobson’s fiber-to-the business, Superior Fabrication has had no issues with static on the phone lines or with dropped calls. The company’s Internet connection has also improved dramatically.

Perspective from Superior Fabrications IT Manager, Ken Bearden

“Probably the biggest thing is that Dobson’s fiber has eliminated our phone issues. I haven’t had any issues. The Internet side of it?   Here in town it is night and day. It runs better than we could have ever imagined. It makes my job easier and I’m not just saying that.”

“I’ve worked with one of Dobson’s engineers since I was at my previous job as IT Director with a school here in Western Oklahoma. I’ve got his personal cell phone number, and he’s always told me that ‘if you have any problems, call me.’ I don’t think there are many companies that would say ‘here is my cell phone number, call me if you have issues.’ But as I said before, I don’t call. We don’t have any problems.

“A company came in here the other day, about a month after we switched to Dobson, and said ‘hey, I heard you guys switched. We’re with Verizon right now. What are you experiencing with Dobson?’ I had no hesitation saying ‘I don’t know how much you are paying now, but if I was going to switch this is who I would move with.”

“I probably sound like a commercial for these guys, but I would recommend Dobson to anyone, and I don’t hesitate on that at all. We agreed to a 2-year contract with them, and I can say with 100 percent confidence that we would renew again.”